To The Friends Who Have Always Been There For Us

To The Friends Who Have Always Been There For Us

To the friends who were a part of our journey from childhood through adolescence to adulthood. Who saw us roll in the mud, have first dates and first kisses, graduate high school then college. With whom we shared dreams and who have been happy to see our achievements.

To the friends who have stuck with us through thick and thin, in sickness and in health, in failures and success. Who have grown with us from a seemingly ugly caterpillar to an actually beautiful butterfly.

To the friends who try to reason with us in our unreasonableness, who try to help us make the best decisions, and even when we refuse their help and fall in a pit, do not laugh at us but give us a hand up.

To the friends who give us a pep talk when we feel we can't do it and try to calm our fears even when we can't do it. To the friends who try to calm our fears even when they are uncertain of what lies ahead, whose confidence and faith leave us no choice but to believe.

To the selfless friends who care less about their needs, always putting ours above theirs; who is there in the midst of little and plenty.

To the friends who serve as a keel for us, always in the background just to propel us forward and to keep us in the limelight.

To friends who do a follow-up knowing that we are the kind to give up midway.

To the friends who make our happiness their happiness and share in our sadness like it's theirs, who cry and laugh with us.

To the friends who pray for us, asking God to grant our heart's desire, who shed tears amidst such requests just because they love us too much.

To the friends who defend us before anyone and everyone, without actually knowing if we are in the right or wrong. Who stands up for us and are ready to scold us without fear when in the wrong but never in front of others.

To the friends who are not scared of telling us the truth even when they know it will hurt us, just because they know it's for our good.

To the friends who lived our dreams with us and with whom we achieve our goals.

To the friends who loved us unconditionally, forgiving us freely when we err, saving us from ourselves, and seeing the best in us.

Thank you. Thank you for sticking around, for never leaving. For those who left and came back, thank you. For those who are no longer with us but still wish us the best, we love you. For those who have been taken away from us, we hope we'll get the chance to see you again.

You all have made our lives beautiful and meaningful. We are glad we met you. We want you to remain in our lives. We love you so much, more than you can imagine. You are adorable. You are special. You are unique. You are too precious to be traded. You are invaluable. Loads of love from us to you all.