To The Ex Who Thinks I'm Crazy Because I Care About Our Breakup

I believed you were the one for me, but I was caught off guard by our breakup. It's been difficult for me to move on from the past, but just because you've already found someone else doesn't mean I'm a "crazy ex-girlfriend." I reject that label.

1. Take a look in the mirror

We once planned to spend our lives together, but now you're calling me crazy for struggling to move on. But let's be clear, you're the one who abruptly ended the relationship, so I think it's your two-faced personality that's the real issue here, not me.

2. My reactions are justified

Consider the harm you've caused and then take a look at my response. Was it truly unwarranted, or are you simply unwilling to acknowledge your role in this? If the situation were reversed, how would you have reacted?

3. Try taking some blame for yourself

It's obvious that the failure of our relationship wasn't solely my responsibility. As they say, it takes two to tango. We began our relationship together, fell in love together, and then you abruptly fell out of love on your own. You disrupted the pattern, not me.

4. You changed me, and not in a good way

Now that you've moved on from me, I've become a different person from when we first met. Isn't that peculiar? You believed I was someone else? I could say the same for you. You revealed your true nature, and you expected me to just forget about it? That was your miscalculation, not mine.

5. You made me this way

If I wasn't like this when we first got together, and you were the only new thing in my life, doesn't that suggest it's your responsibility? Of course, I acknowledge my own actions and need to take responsibility, but I still believe that some of the responsibility rests on you.

6. Does calling me crazy really make you feel better about yourself?

You are fully aware that you are just as much (if not more) responsible for the collapse of our so-called relationship. You're not fooling anyone. You're only trying to make me feel worse because you don't want to confront the fact that you're a pitiful player.

7. Did you ever even give a damn?

The way your personality and feelings underwent such a drastic change is striking. Is this the real you that I failed to recognize, or were you merely acting like a good boyfriend all along, waiting for the opportune moment to unleash your inner jerk? My emotions were authentic, and that's a lot more than I can say for you.

8. Kiss my ass goodbye

If I wasn't completely finished with you before, I certainly am now. Our hopes of parting ways respectfully have gone down the drain. Don't even think about asking for breakup sex or trying to use me as your booty call. You have made it clear that you do not respect me, so I will never allow you to be with me again.

9. Screw you

You're lashing out at me because I genuinely cared about you. It's rather pitiful, isn't it? I regret spending my time loving someone like you. You're not the person I believed you to be, and while I may not see it on the surface, deep down, I know I am far better off without you.