To My Ex's Mom, Thanks For Your Kindness

To My Ex’s Mom, Thanks For Your Kindness

Thank you, my ex's mom. I had a romantic relationship with your son. It was one of the best love experience I've ever had in my entire life.

I felt even more loved since you treated me like your own daughter. You played a significant role in our relationship. I learned to love your son even more because of you.

Your love for me and that of your son was an exceptional phase in my life. It's an unforgettable experience I'll live to treasure.


You're far better than the typical moms who don't like or accept their son's girlfriends. Instead, you loved and welcomed me to your family.

You offered to take care of me as if I was your own. Your love and care for me was additional happiness to an already fulfilling relationship I had with your son.

You're Nice And Non-Judgmental

You always supported me, looked out for me, and cared about me. You always ensured that I was happy and nothing was bothering me. Even when your son and I had disagreements, you were the one who helped us solve the issues.


It hurts to know that there's nothing you can do to solve our breakup. What happened can never be reversed. I appreciate your comfort and counseling even after the breakup.

The breakup was stressful. I not only lost your son but also everything close to him, including you. I understand breakups transform a happy and romantic relationship into a sorrowful experience. It's the way life works.

Although your son and I decided to stay friends, it still hurts. It doesn't make sense to me how I can stand firm when I've lost the best love of my life. I don't even feel comfortable being around him like before. It pains me to know I'll never be happy with him again.


I'll Truly Miss You

I miss your sweet stories, conversations about life, and your wise advice. You always had the right words to say to comfort me. I'm grateful for the significant impact you brought into my life.

You shared vast knowledge with me. You taught me how to love, how to treat a man like your son, and how to withstand difficulties. Even after the breakup with your son, you continued supporting me through my healing process. I'm happy again because of your care.


I Still Love And Respect You

Regardless of how our relationship ended, I still treasure you. You're still a special mom to me, and your love and kindness are beyond measure.

I'm grateful for the guidance, protection, and wisdom you offered to me. You gave it all without even asking anything in return. I've never experienced such love from someone who isn't my real mom or a relative.


Thank You For Understanding That I Had To Break Up With Your Son

I'm sorry for breaking up with your son and thank you for understanding the reasons for our breakup. I know you tried hard to bring us together, but the damage had already been done.

But I hope that if we cross paths on the streets, you'll still embrace me with that motherly-hug you used to give me. I hope you'll always greet and smile at me. For me, my love and respect for you will never fade.