To Hell With Positivity, Real Growth Comes When You Deal With Pain, Anxiety, And Darkness

To Hell With Positivity, Real Growth Comes When You Deal With Pain, Anxiety, And Darkness

Here's a crazy idea: embrace your descent into darkness, it might spur the growth you need in your life.

Life Is Hard, And Bad Things Happen To Us All The Time

We have been through stuff that made us wish the sweet release of death would finally give us a lasting break from all the pain and craziness.

But deep within us, something defied this overwhelming hopelessness. The small voice got louder and bolder, and we finally emerged from the despair and were happy again.

The Fear, Anxiety, Or Negativity Has A Role In Our Lives

Through it, we realize how strong we are.

And through these experiences, we grow more resilient and realize some traumas we carry around are embarrassing considering all the God-given endurance and strength we possess.

We give our egos far too much attention, and we forget how strong our intuitions can be. We make careless mistakes by failing to listen to the voice of reason that dwells deep within us.

In our pursuit of the juicier things in life, we shun the uncomfortable without seeing the beautiful reward that lies just beyond these petty hardships.

As soon as things get a little hard, we get desperate and seek ways to end the struggle.

We don't harden ourselves for the battles that life will inevitably bring our way. And when battles finally begin, we lament.

We say, "I don't want to feel this." We think life is unfair, and we are so soft that things that should never trouble us leave us with scars we have to nurse for years.

There Is So Much Talk About Being Positive 24-7

That is all messed up. In this life, there will be positive and negative moments and experiences. That is the immutable fact of life.

But we have learned to hate ourselves when we get negative. In the process, we hate who we are and scar ourselves further.

What's worse is that we cannot realize the positive benefits this negativity brings into our lives. By getting in touch with painful darkness, we understand the genesis of our wounds and find a better way to heal them.

So, Don't Fear The Darkness That Dwells Within You

Embrace it and let it teach you something about overcoming common hardships of life.

Trust me, the anxiety and the darkness will not consume you and make you a shadow of your former self. The storms in your life will teach you to tame other things in your life.

Don't protect yourself like an egg and doubt your self-worth every time a small challenge comes your way.

The time you feel you are drowning in your darkness and anxiety is the time you will realize you have learned to swim against the tides without sinking.

It Might Be A Little Hard At First, But You Will Get Stronger

You will face your demons and they will flee when they realize you have discovered how strong you are.

The pain might shatter you, but within you is the ability to piece yourself back together.

Face the pain and the struggles without giving up at the first chance you get, and you will make it through.

Don't always choose the easy path in life. It is only after your greatest battles you can expect your greatest victories.

Learn to overcome what hurts you, rather than running away from it, and you will forever have power over it.

Don't Make Positivity A Bad Thing

Don't let positivity keep you from undergoing the process that will make you a better warrior. Breakaway the chains of darkness, anxiety, and negativity by facing the issues behind these emotions head-on.

Surrendering to every struggle does not make you a winner.

Of Course, Positivity Has Its Place

But there is also a time to get neck-deep into the negativity, the darkness, and the anxiety because that's how you get a chance to overcome it and keep it from stalling your progress in life once and for all.

So, as long as there is negativity to deal with, to hell with positivity.