To Hell With Minimalism. Screw Modern. I'll Gladly Take Cluttered, Antique, Upcycled, And Repurposed.

To Hell With Minimalism. Screw Modern. I’ll Gladly Take Cluttered, Antique, Upcycled, And Repurposed.

I'm not happy with the depressing emptiness people often call minimalism. No offense to anybody, but I just don't, and I never have.

Empty rooms hold no appeal for me.

What I Prefer Is A Cheerful Home; Bright And Spacious

And before I go any further, let me say that pure modern has no place in my living spaces. I find the white walls, white floors, over-the-top kitchens, empty tables, and plastic furniture a little sickening.


I want real craftsmanship.

I appreciate the painstaking detail on wooden chairs that tell a beautiful and deep story that goes beyond a factory machine.

Those experimental colors, bright and silly as they might seem by modern standards, are my thing. I want color in all its glory. I want texture in all its forms. I want layers of decorative magnificence all around me.

Antique oak is beautiful, and I will not turn down maple or walnut.


I want all the variety screaming at me with its incredible beauty and making my heart race with joy. Merry is what I want. Not boring perfection and ideological extremes brought to life.

White floors, white walls, white furniture, white everything… That's not for me. I want some variety. I also want red, orange, yellow, gold and all that variety.

The Past Is Part Of Us

Trying to forget the past is like trying to forget a part of you. Also, dwelling entirely on the past makes you lacking in some way.


I believe you have to strike some balance somehow.

That is why I welcome an antique, which I can reuse. I'll also take organic and usable arm-chairs or the odd Persian rug put together traditionally.

In Short, I Say Yes To Beauty In All Its Forms

Just because a new way of thinking comes along does not mean that the old is to be rejected. Sometimes the new just fills in the gaps present in the old. It does not replace it. And this, I believe, is what happens with décor.


The obsession with the new is not always justified. Sometimes we push one factor a little too far and forget other important aspects of décor.

So, there is no need to hate on history and the best it had to give us.

While minimalism is neat, and I understand why some people might be sold on the idea based on that, for me, it's too plain.

I Prefer Something A Little Bit More Exciting And Colorful

The exposed brick, the toy repurposed as a lamp, a real plant instead of plastic flowers, and a floor featuring recycled marble mix make me feel alive.


And don't get me wrong, it's not about bashing the new and modern, but rather blending all styles to create something more aesthetically potent.

But I should mention something about recycled products. The environment has suffered enough as it is, and we should have a desire to do a better job of cleaning it up.

Not everything has to come from Ikea. Let's give antiques a chance.