To All Who Said Time Heals Everything, They Lied

To All Who Said Times Heals Everything, They Lied

"It has been said that time heals all wounds. I don't agree. The wounds remain. Time-the mind, protecting its sanity covers them with some scar tissue and the pain lessens, but it is never gone" - Rose Kennedy

I found an old notebook with that quote written down and I shook my head and just laughed. I put that notebook back in the old box as memories flooded my mind and laughed once more.

How do you really forget someone when your life centered around them for so many years? The love of your life and they stole a piece of your heart. You never get that piece back. They will forever keep that missing piece. So is it really possible to forget them and move on with your life? Does deleting them from your phone and social media lessen the pain and make you forget all about them?

It doesn't. As much as I try, all the years later, I just can't forget about you. You will always be there.

Some days you are there more than others. Other days, you are everywhere I turn. When I open my eyes and stretch, you are there. And oh when I stumble down the stairs half asleep and drink my morning coffee, you are there. When I sit down and watch our favorite show, you are there. When I crawl in bed at night, you are there.

Those dreams that fill my head at night, you are there. When I wake from those dreams, I remember how you would still smell and kiss my cheek and hold me tight while I fell back asleep. You are there still in my head and especially in my heart.

There is no erasing those memories. No magic cure to make you forget all those precious moments that you are reminded of every time you turn a corner. All these years later, I am not healed and I find myself writing little pieces about you. About us.

I told myself I could do it and I would be fine when we ended. That I would be strong and still myself as I watched you walk away. I was okay with you being gone especially with the distance between us. As if the miles between us would somehow make it easier and you would carry those memories with you.

You are like a drug that continues to run through my veins. Just like the caffeine that burns my throat in the morning, your memories burn me just the same. I can do without my coffee just as how I can manage without you but that refreshing taste in the morning makes the day that much better.

Whoever said time heals all wounds was wrong. Oh so wrong! Time never heals and patches your heart up. You wake up and press through every day. You keep pressing on with life because you have no other choice. Those wounds stay with you, haunting you. Always there lingering in the back of your mind. As the days pass on by, you forget it a little, and some days you completely forget. Some days a song pops on the radio and those wounds pour out all over and you are slapped in the face by reality and reminded of the pain that was once your happiness.

Time doesn't heal all wounds. Those 5 little words are nothing but a lie. Every day you just continue because that is how life works.