To All The Single Moms Out There: You Are True Heroes

To All The Single Moms Out There: You Are True Heroes

There are many easy things in this world, but being a mom is not one of them. Being a single mom is even tougher, much tougher.

You not only have a kid who will depend on you more than anything, which can get pretty overwhelming, but you will typically also have quite a bit of emotional baggage to deal with.

Life will feel unfair, and that will probably be true. But you cannot afford to wallow in self-pity, as you have two young and innocent eyes looking at you as their only source of hope, and a little voice asking you if you are okay as tears stream down your eyes.

At that moment, you will still your nerves, muster all the courage you can afford, and reassure your little kid that mom's fine, something just got into her eye.

You have suffered, and you know pain, and it's the last thing you want for your child.


Above all else, you do not want the child to feel that a father figure is something he/she needs in her life. And so, you go over and beyond to provide the emotional and any other kind of need a father would provide if he were in the picture.

Your child has a dad, but will never get the chance to call him dad. Dads read their kids bedtime stories after tucking them in. They don't disappear from their kids' lives and make moms cry. Dads come to their kids' football games and support their families in every possible way.

A real dad makes his kids feel they have the greatest dad in the world.

But a single mom has to be the dad as well. It is upon her to make the kid feel special, take on all the burdens and responsibilities of a dad without slacking off on the overwhelming needs a regular mom has to provide to her kids.


Single moms end up doing so much and wearing so many hats that they are amazed at their ability to multi-task.

It is exhausting, yes, but there is no time to stop and complain; they have to keep pushing on even when they feel like they are at their limits.

They have to fight several battles at once. They have kids with a lot more demands now that their dads are gone. And they have deep emotional needs within them but with nobody to meet them.

To the world, they are heroes without capes, raising happy fulfilled kids. But within their own houses, they are countless broken pieces that have to stay together for the sake of their kids.

Everyone can see how good they are, except themselves. They get judged, but they have bigger things to worry about.


They have to count on nobody else but themselves to provide for their kids. If that alimony check is not enough or even forthcoming, they have to figure a way to provide for their kids.

People will ask where your kid's daddy is, and you have to lie.

You work two full-time jobs, being a mom, and being a daddy.

And when you sit down at the end of the day, with your kid resting in your arms, you know that the crushing effort is all worth it.


You are more than your kid needs!

Your kid is more than lucky to have you in his /her life!

You would do more if you could!

You are perfect despite the challenges!

Being a single mom is a crazy ride, but it is all worth it. Your child does not know anybody stronger, and they never will.

You singlehandedly make your child's life a dream, and there is no bigger achievement.