To All The Heroes Of The Coronavirus Crisis: We Owe You Everything

To All The Heroes Of The Coronavirus Crisis: We Owe You Everything

It took a pandemic to realize that we don't appreciate people enough. But, at least the world is waking up. We see you, we understand you. And we will do our part to help you.

There's always some silver lining, though it's hard to talk about it now since we have no idea what's going to happen with COVID-19. We don't know much, but here's a lesson. When it seems as if the world is crashing, you don't have a choice but to be a superhuman.

It's hard to remember life before the virus. But now, my only job is to stay at home and be patient. On the other hand, supermarket workers get up at dawn and put up with cruel comments, ungrateful customers, and still, they are underpaid.

Then, people are delivering food and medications to the elderly. They are risking their lives to get your order in time. And the teachers, are doing their best to make sure your kids still get a proper education. No, this isn't a world war, but we all have one goal: to beat the virus sooner rather than later. And some ordinary folks are doing extraordinary work.

Notice how pharmacists manage to stay calm, even though they are facing scrutiny each day. And you who else is doing more than enough? Firefighters, police officers, people who make and donate masks, and protection gear for hospitals. No, I am not going to forget the kind farmers, who are still doing their best to give you fresh veggies and fruits. Nor should dare to forget scientists. They are working round the clock to make that vaccine and stop the virus.

It's different in each state, in each country, but we should be thankful for all the pilots, cab drivers, people who made sure that you get home and be with loved ones. And of course, some significant companies showed their true colors, by lowering the prices of essential medications, like insulin.

No one could forget volunteers. They are your neighbors or merely kind strangers, and they are risking it all to help you. Why? Because that's the right thing to do. And before I get to the most prominent fighters, let's not forget to express our appreciation for all those who are cleaning our streets, protecting us when we go to buy groceries.

Yes, doctors and nurses, medical staff in general, they aren't sleeping or eating. And they don't even care if they don't have masks. And if they do, their faces are covered in scars, since the same masks aren't made to be worn 24 hours straight. Some already gave their lives. We weren't grateful for having them then, but we sure are now.

While COVID-19 is kicking our butts left, and right, the only silver lining is that our heroes are doing more than humanly possible. They are asking us for discipline, time, so they don't have to choose who's going to live. We shall not take you for granted. We shall stay in our homes and go out only to buy food and medications. And we should give them a promise that we will learn from them.

There's no easy way to see the light when our normal doesn't exist anymore. But, if you are healthy, and you're doing your part by respecting social distancing, you're already doing some good. No, you can't help, and this is all unfair. But, just for a second, imagine what would our lives look like without our everyday heroes?

Kind, humble people are doing the best they can. Yes, this is all difficult, but be their little helper. Listen to them and show your respect. Stand in line, while maintaining the distance, do not spread unconfirmed news, and don't be selfish. Do not leave your home unless it's necessary. And having coffee with a friend is a luxury. It's time to be grateful and to look at the big picture.