To All The Beautiful Souls Who Feel Unloved Today

To All The Beautiful Souls Who Feel Unloved Today

There are times that we sink into a world of our own. We start to think that no one is interested in us, that we don't matter to anyone anymore. It causes us to lose love for people around us and ourselves too.

Before you decide that no one in this world cares about you, know that people do, not one or two, but many. You're not alone in your sufferings, in your struggles.

Whenever a new day dawns, just know that someone out there is wishing you well. They have previously had the same problem you're experiencing. They once felt unloved and lonely, but in the end, they overcame it. They were able to regain their lives and their lost esteem.

They're the people who assure you that you're not alone in this. That everything will turn out okay, and soon. That in no time, you will be happy again. It doesn't matter how deep into despair you are. A way out will come up, and you will be happy again.

You might not know it, but there are people out there silently wishing good things to come your way. They may be close to you or on the other side of the planet. People you have met before or total strangers. People you wouldn't believe could be wishing you well, but here is what they're praying for you to have.

Unlimited joy.
An end to your struggles.
That you finally realize you're lovable and loved.
They wish you everything that would make your life full again.

I know it's hard to believe these things right now. You find it hard to accept that you can be loved. That your heart is even capable of experiencing love, but trust me, someone already loves you. They're right now thinking about you. About the storm that's hit your life. Saddened by it and wishing it goes away soon so you can be happy.

You just need to believe that there are such people who really love you. Fight those negative feelings about not being appreciated. They're just as untrue as they are crippling. Do not let those feelings or thoughts put you down. Stand firm and take control.

Believe that you're a beautiful soul capable of loving and being loved back. That there are people who care about you. People who unceasingly wish good things to come your way. It doesn't matter what your thoughts are right now. Everything will change for the better if you convince yourself that you're valued.

Because somebody out there does love you

Start to love others too. Your love will never deplete, no matter how much you give it away. It will always abound in your heart, ready to be given. Love back and let broken hearts find solace in you, just as you also want yours to find love. It will warm your heart and make joy flow into you again and again.

There are people yearning for your love all around, just as you're looking for someone to shower you with affection. Before you despair and lose your hope that you will ever be loved, know that someone sends their good thoughts to you.

These are the people who want to see you do well and feel great. They want your fragile heart to become strong so you can face the world. So, be strong. Know that you're loved and love another soul in return. The world needs you more than ever, and there are many people out there who love you.

Yes, you're loved by someone out there.