To All Of You Nurses

To All Of You Nurses

Thank you for being brave, for fighting for us, and for showing no signs of slowing down. Each one of you nurses is a hero. You do give life a purpose!

Not all of us have the same purpose in this life, and that's okay. But, maybe you were meant for bigger, better things. Amazing doctors and nurses from all over the world are showing us every day that they really do have a more significant role than they imagined. They are saving lives. So, what is your purpose?

Happiness is your duty. The same nurses come to their homes and feel blessed for having families, friends, loved ones. They are more than their jobs because their purpose is to help save lives. They are compassionate and empathetic. Most of all, they are inspiring.

Being kind and sympathetic may open the door in search of your life's purpose. Other signs you should look out for include the visionary approach to life and idealism. No one is saying you should change a career, but if you hate working for others, and have this insane desire to help animals or people, go for it.

Perhaps you can start by volunteering in a homeless shelter or start selling things you no longer use to donate money to the ones in need. If you're an idealist, maybe you should join an organization for human or animal rights. No one knows their purpose until they face real challenges.

If you work best on your own, and you're not a team player, start a small business. Let your enthusiasm guide you, but keep your intentions pure. If it's just a job for you, that's not good enough. But if it drives you, inspires, and pushes you, then you could say you found yourself.

Back to our heroes: the nurses. They are underpaid, overworked, and still, they don't quit. Even when things get out of control, like now. They are giving their lives to save others and face difficulties no money can repair. But, they are fighting the good fight. In a way, they don't have a choice since this is their lives' purpose!

You can do some soul searching while staying at home. Honor the nurses, doctors, scientist, by giving them time. COVID-19 won't disappear magically, and many more will have to give their lives. So, no, you're not stuck at home. You have the time to find what it is that you can give back to the world.

People all over the planet are applauding our nurses. They are not saving just lives. They are making us rethink our choices and leaving us with a bigger picture. This isn't one of those "Find your passion and let it kill you" stories. Instead, find what makes you joyful, what your hearts desire. And dedicate your time to make the most of it. You don't have to rush, because now, at this moment, we are the ones who have the time. Our beautiful superhero nurses don't. So, stay at home, wash your hands, and stop obsessing over toilet paper!