To All My College Friends, Thank You, You Are Truly Amazing

To All My College Friends, Thank You, You Are Truly Amazing

I know, I know; I've had friends since I was a kid. And yes, I treasure them, even those we lost contact with because of distance.

The high-school besties, teammates, and all kinds of buddies have been part of my life story, and they made it more beautiful than I can ever explain.

But college was special, and so are the friends I met during this stage of my life.

I don't take them for granted although with most we met for just a few years. Some of you were present in my life for a single semester, but I still remember you.

I'm Very Thankful For All These College Friends.

I was just coming to the end of my teenage years when I joined college. I think anyone who has attended college can agree with me that it's not an easy transition.

The struggles we went through together can never be forgotten. Everything was alien and overwhelming. The adjustment was the hardest, and you came through for me in beautiful ways.

Even though you did not know any better than I did, and were facing the same overwhelming challenges I was, you still stood by me as I navigated various hurdles that came my way.

To those experienced friends who always had some important nuggets of wisdom to share with me, you helped me greatly. Those bits of advice opened my eyes to what lay ahead and made me realize that I could really make it.

Even when I made several mistakes and swore I would never repeat them, and did anyway, you never got tired of me. You helped me through the bad habits such as excess drinking, slacking off in my workouts, and studying for the tests too late.

When I was late catching up with school work, you were incredibly patient with me though you had other things to worry about.

It was crazy that you tolerated all the mistakes I made at everyone's expense. When I had rowdy friends over though the next day was so busy and they kept everyone up, you understood and didn't hold it against me.

Over time, we grew fond of each other. The bond had extended beyond that of classmates into a strong connection between friends. We were happy when we shared classes and we had rants about our potential futures.

We Needed Each Other, And None Of Us Could Have Survived On Our Own.

We watched out for each other in every way and kept each other from making terrible mistakes and decisions in life. When some felt hopeless but were close to the finish line, we urged them on and now they are still grateful they held on to the very end.

Lives changed for the better during those few hectic years we had together. I know mine did.

I remember us coming together over big matches, waiting for them anxiously, and going to ridiculous lengths to attend them.

We met many people in our time there, and most didn't give a damn about anyone but those in their own cliques. It can be lonely without friends in college. But I was so lucky to have you as my friends.

We know each other inside-out because sometimes we had nothing but time to tell stories about each other. Without judgments.

In high-school, you were careful not to let people know some things about you. But to your college buddies, you could say the whole truth without the fear of anyone holding it against you.

Once you were a friend, nothing else mattered, however crazy it was. You were accepted and valued, and you could speak your mind and your friends cared.

You were there during my lowest lows, and I was there during some of yours. We understood each other even without deep heart-to-hearts.

We Were Not Just Friends But A Family.

I was never alone in college, and it was because of you. I could never go off the radar for a day without a couple of friends following up to know what's up.

Damn! I miss that.

I don't know how you say thank you to such friends. I honestly don't. Feel appreciated.