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TN Cop Maegan Hall Gets Offered $10k To Do Shows At Strip Club

A strip club in Nashville has offered a former Tennessee police officer, who was terminated for engaging in sexual relations with multiple colleagues, $10,000 for two performances.

Hall, a 26-year-old former police officer, was dismissed from the La Vergne Police Department, located near Nashville, as a result of an investigation that revealed that she had engaged in sexual relationships with multiple colleagues on police property, in hotels, and at parties where alcohol was consumed.

Due to her loss of employment, Deja Vu Showgirls, a strip club in Nashville, has offered the ex-officer $10,000 for two performances in mid-March, as confirmed by Regional Director Michael Durham to on Wednesday.

"We want her at Deja Vu Nashville on March 17th. Two shows. $5,000 per show," he said.

"I get the moral outrage. However, she is no longer an employee of the La Vergne Police Department. She can now choose what is best for her financially."

Hall's performances, if she chooses to accept the offer, will be at the 34th Anniversary party, as reported by Indy 100.

It is uncertain if Hall intends to take on the new job opportunity, but she stated to last week that she plans to "move on and live my life" after the scandal.

"I don't want to discuss it," she said.

Hall, who is married, engaged in oral sex with colleagues while on duty, had extramarital relationships and suggested threesomes with another officer and his wife. She also removed her bikini top at a party described as "girls gone wild" in a hot tub.

The youthful officer informed her group of colleagues, who frequently consumed alcohol, that she was in an open marriage and attempted to involve her husband, a sheriff's deputy, in swinging activities.

However, an internal investigation revealed that Jedidiah Hall, who presents a wholesome image and is the son of a pastor, was not supportive of the idea and instead confronted his wife of four years for her infidelity.

Mayor Jason Cole of La Vergne, a town with a population of 40,000 located 20 miles southeast of Nashville, announced last week that an officer named Hall had been fired, along with four other officers with whom she is alleged to have had relationships while on and off duty last year.

Mayor Cole also announced that three additional officers have been suspended without pay, and all 62 remaining officers at the Nashville-area department will be required to undergo mandatory retraining in rules, regulations, and expectations.

Last week, Hall appeared as an unlikely seductress as she stood in front of her marital home wearing sweatpants and a baseball cap, waiting for her dog to relieve itself in the yard.

Later, she changed into jeans and a flannel shirt and went to a nearby sports bar where she spent several hours before leaving with a stack of papers and a vape pen.

Jedidiah, a 28-year-old former state park ranger with a master's degree from Middle Tennessee State University, is remaining committed to his wife and attempting to resolve their issues.

The couple has been romantically involved since their college days, got married in November 2018, and in March of the previous year, they purchased their first family home in Manchester, 60 miles south of Nashville.

"I don't know how he's doing it, he's more of a man than I am, but he's trying to salvage his marriage," Jedidiah's boss, Coffee County Sheriff Chad Partin, said.

Partin stated that Jedidiah had been in training for the Tennessee Highway Patrol but withdrew due to the scandal involving his spouse and instead accepted a job as a deputy.

City officials initiated an internal investigation in December, following a whistleblower's revelation that a female officer was involved in "intimate relationships" with male colleagues at parties, hotels, and even on police property.

The investigation resulted in Patrol Officer Juan Lugo, Sgt. Lewis Powell, Detective Seneca Shields, and Sgt. Ty McGowan is all being terminated from their positions.

Patrol Officer Patrick Magliocco, Patrol Officer Gavin Schoeberl, and K-9 officer Larry Holladay have also been suspended from their duties.

However, the central figure in the situation is petite blonde Hall, who, according to her profile on a talent search website, grew up in rural Tennessee with aspirations of becoming an actress.

Instead, she chose to pursue a career in law enforcement in her 20s.

The investigation revealed that Hall shared intimate sexual photos with multiple officers at the La Vergne Police Department, including McGowan, Holladay, Lugo, Shields, and Schoeberl.

Colleagues who worked on the Second Shift also observed her excessive alcohol consumption and had concerns about her mental well-being.

"Magliocco reported knowing that Hall unloaded her weapon and dry fired the gun at her head 'so she could hear what it sounded like.' Magliocco admitted not reporting that to anybody," the report said.

"Magliocco also reported knowing that Hall voiced 'harmful thoughts' and on multiple occasions said that she should not be alone."

During the investigation, Detective Shields attempted to deceive Andrew Patton, the head of human resources for the police department, by protesting:

When questioned about sexual acts, he admitted to receiving oral sex at a police gym before returning to his desk to complete his shift.

Powell, a married father, was also on duty when Hall performed the same act on him inside the station, according to Patton's report, which was published on December 28th.

Powell denied the tryst but admitted to it after it was discovered that he and heavily tattooed Hall met up in December to coordinate their stories in an effort to impede the investigation.

Holladay, on the other hand, reported having "multiple sexual encounters" with Hall at his house and hotels, as recently as November.

Magliocco also disclosed similar encounters, and he revealed that his wife Amy also participated in a bungled attempt to persuade Jedidiah into a night of partner-swapping in Spring 2022.

"Magliocco told Patton that at one party, Hall and Magliocco's wife started kissing and Hall's husband [Jedidiah] came in the room and seemed upset," the report states.

"The next day on shift, Magliocco asked Hall about the husband's reaction, since Magliocco was under the impression from Hall that her marriage was open as well. Hall said, "He really wasn't on board."

Magliocco also admitted to providing Hall with excessive amounts of vodka and engaging in drunken sexual activities with her at a "girls gone wild" party on a colleague's houseboat to celebrate Memorial Day.

When Patton questioned Hall about the wild party, she confirmed that her bikini top had come off in the hot tub and that she was so drunk that she fell down a flight of stairs.

Hall also admitted to having further "booty calls" with Lugo and McGowan, who, it was later discovered, was the source of the original whistleblower tip received by Mayor Cole's office.

While McGowan had informed on his colleagues' romantic encounters, he did not reveal his own liaisons with Hall and was "rude, and extremely verbally aggressive" when questioned.

"McGowan struggled to share that when Hall was a candidate and in process of being hired, Hall and her husband [Jedidiah], McGowan, and another female met up at her house," the report states.

"During that meeting, Hall was naked, the other female got naked, and Hall's husband got upset."

Furthermore, McGowan was found to have committed workplace violence by physically grabbing a city employee by the throat in an attempt to intimidate them.

None of the male officers involved, including McGowan, plan on making a statement about the inquiry, according to Police Sgt. Eric Staats, president of the department's Fraternal Order of Police chapter, as reported by NBC.

The numerous firings and disciplinary measures resulted in La Vergne, with a population of 39,000, losing about 12% of its police force overnight.