Tips For Mastering Self-Promotion Without Being A Jerk

Tips For Mastering Self-promotion Without Being A Jerk

Self-promotion sounds like a mean word, but it's a world of hustle. Create a healthy approach to promote all that you achieved, without looking like a desperate jerk!

You have a desire to show the world that you're a freaking rockstar. Yet, in your quest to shine, you might end up looking annoying, even dishonest.

The whole concept of self-promotion is still quite hard to understand. You don't want to humblebrag, yet you need to put the word out there. So, here's how and where to let others know that you're an achiever!

Self-promotion and humblebragging

tips for mastering self-promotion without being a jerk

Ask any person how they feel about self-promotion. Though the emotion the phrase causes is on the negative side, there's nothing terrible about it.

If you're not harming others, why do you need to hide your talents and all that made you such a great person?

Self-promotion is necessary and acceptable, though most of the time it backfires. Why? Because people don't believe in their words, and they are bragging while trying to sound humble.


And yes, your quest to promote your business or ideas will worsen if you're a woman. But, let's get one thing straight: if you did all you could to make something out of yourself, you earned the right to celebrate it.

Don't let others take away what's rightfully yours. At the same time, don't be a jerk. What it means: if you're among exhausted moms and your baby is not keeping you up all night, express gratitude. Don't make other moms feel like they are anything less than amazing.

Instead of faking it using humblebragging, be polite, tender. Yet, be proud and thankful for being unapologetic you!

Using social media to brag the right way

tips for mastering self-promotion without being a jerk

Your CV is never enough. It should be polished, clear, and correct, meaning no big, hidden lies. But, it's just the tip of the business iceberg.

In the age of social media, if you want to do more, be and earn more, you have to think of yourself as a brand.

Your Instagram should reflect a mixture of your personal preferences and your professional aspirations.


Unless you're a chef, no one cares what you had for breakfast. Being original, while staying respectful, is a skill, but it's not atomic physics.

Your LinkedIn page is a place to brag shamelessly, but even when you do list all you've done so far, keep in mind the tone and be gracious. Instead of always saying "I," add that you had a team of equally dedicated people.

Everything on social networks is your cover letter. Your CV doesn't reflect your personality, so keep in mind that the internet might help you gain real recognition.

Be honest and amusing, even if you have to say, "Hey, this is self-promotion." There's nothing wrong if you're transparent and merely want to make it in this big bad world.

Self-promotion in everyday life

tips for mastering self-promotion without being a jerk

Being loud and proud may scare off people around you. But being grateful for the opportunities, while maintaining a strong voice is something else.


If you're only listing all that you've done, you're doing it wrong. Make stories from your success, and what you learned so far.

Then, present clear plans for the future, and always have a backup plan. To truly master self-promotion, you need to believe in your dreams.

Now, let's get one thing in the open: self-promotion isn't something you should do 24/7. Don't make it a habit; instead, pick the right people and the right place to show the world who's the boss.

You need to work on a relationship with yourself, but it would also help dig into the psychology of success and interpersonal relationships.

When you're always reading, working on your dreams, and pushing your boundaries, people will notice that you're more confident and proactive.

Qualities of successful promoters

tips for mastering self-promotion without being a jerk

At some point, you won't have to say a lot to get everyone's attention. That's when you know you made it. But, until then, you have to develop a strategy to show your qualities and not look desperate.


Before you start your shameless self-promotion (and there's nothing to be ashamed about), take the following into account:

Don't just act, but believe in the power of humility. Instead of acting like you're the big bad boss, offer and ask for advice.

Remember to be gracious, kind, and respectful. You caught a lucky break, but others are still waiting. Empathy and awareness will, eventually, come back to reward you.

Learn to be patient and to admit your mistakes. Don't just talk about your big wins, but also joke about your failures.

Bond with people by sharing your ups and downs, but emphasize where it got you, don't dwell on what might have been.

Your passions and visions belong to you, but to gain more, you have to show the world your work. Imagine being a painter and living in constant fear to show off your work.

What's the point of working if you don't get anything from it? You'll end up miserable, frustrated, and broke.

Self-promotion is merely a step towards a better future. And if someone has a problem with it, well, let's just say that people should learn to appreciate success, even when it's not their own.

Learn from others, but don't be envious, because that will make you look like a jerk!