Tips For Homeschooling During A Pandemic

Tips For Homeschooling During A Pandemic

No one was prepared for the pandemic. Many parents find themselves facing the decision on how best to facilitate the perfect learning environment for their children.

With school districts scrambling to make the best decisions for the kids and their families, parents began exploring other options.

Homeschool became a popular option, especially for the younger kids. Youngsters, such as kindergarten-age children, have shorter attention spans making virtual classes difficult.

Homeschooling provides parents the opportunity to adjust the curriculum based on their child's needs.

As you begin the homeschooling journey, there are a few tips to keep in mind for a successful school year.

Local Requirement

tips for homeschooling during a pandemic

Though everyone has heard of homeschooling well before the pandemic hit, most people don't realize that states regulate homeschooling sometimes as much as regular schools.

As you begin your homeschooling journey, conduct research on potential regulations within the district or state. Some states require the homeschooler to be registered with a local official and have their curriculum approved.

Connect with your district or families in the area for this information. Though the information is available online, asking for advice from those experienced with homeschooling can be the best option.

Don't Forget Your Goals

tips for homeschooling during a pandemic

With most families taking on the journey of homeschooling for the pandemic duration, you need clear goals in mind for a successful school year.

As a family, if you decide that you will enroll in your district school once the pandemic is over, you can discuss with them the requirements before you begin. This will help you plan to ensure that your homeschooled child can perform as expected once they return.

You may find that you will continue your homeschooling journey from here on out for various reasons. Whether you are hesitant to return due to the virus, or just like the idea of homeschooling long term, there are other goals to keep in mind.

If you plan on finishing homeschooling all the way through to the end of High School, you need to prepare your child for potential college applications down the road.

Conduct research on what tests your child will need to pass before they are deemed knowledgeable enough to enter college should they choose to.


tips for homeschooling during a pandemic

The curriculum you choose to utilize will be the most crucial part of the year. The pandemic has caused quite a few free online resources, which are a good starting point.

As you pick and choose which curriculum would work best for your family, it should also be enjoyable.

You are the driver, which means that you can pick and choose different parts of various curriculums available to build your own program.

Keep in mind, the younger your child is, the most hands-on learning they will do with less structured instruction. For example, kindergarteners will learn better through play.

Resources And Collaboration

tips for homeschooling during a pandemic

Though there is a pandemic, it does not mean you cannot collaborate.

Various online and social media groups are designed specifically for homeschooling parents providing you with an infinite amount of assistance. Join those in and around your immediate area to pick others' brains and help commiserate.

Homeschooling can become overwhelming and isolating, which is not ideal for our current situation.

Reach out to others to share ideas for curriculum, science projects, tests, and much more.

You can also find help in a case where you decide to add a second language to your curriculum by finding others who are native speakers.


Tips For Homeschooling During A Pandemic

Enjoy the process of homeschooling. It can be the most challenging process that you go through, on top of the pandemic we are living through.

Look on the positive, and don't be afraid to have a day off. Schools periodically take teacher institute days, which is something that is entirely within your control.