Tips For Flirting With Your Classmate Crushes

Tips For Flirting With Your Classmate Crushes

Interacting with your crush in class is often a perfect way to get to know them, become friends, and even start flirting with them. So what are you waiting for? Here are 25 ways to flirt with someone during class.

The Basics

A lot of the basics require you to just be your normal, friendly self! Flirting doesn't have to be complicated. In fact, when it's subtle, it's less threatening and helps build your confidence so you can make bigger moves later on.

1. Sit Close To Them

Sit at their table during small group discussions or a lecture hall. Put yourself in his line of sight. This way, at the very least, he'll see who you are.

2. Ask To Borrow School Supplies

Ask for a sheet of paper to take notes or to borrow a pen, pencil, calculator, or stapler. This is an easy exchange to make and a good ice breaker.

3. Participate In Group Projects With Them

tips for flirting with your classmate crushes

Doing so provides an excuse to get a phone number, have some conversations, and inevitably get to know them better.

4. Ask A Casual Question

If you don't understand a concept or want to clarify a test date, ask this person for help. From there, you can branch-off the subject and get to know them better.

5. Create A Connection

tips for flirting with your classmate crushes

If you have known this person for a while or know them outside of class, bring up how you met them. This connects you in two ways: memories in class and memories out of class. Now the person will take notice of you in both aspects of their life.

6. Take Care Of Your Appearance

tips for flirting with your classmate crushes

Make an effort to look nice and smell nice, but don't overdo it. Don't go to class to distract. If you do your hair a different way or try out a new cologne, these are good signs that show you know how to take care of yourself.

7. Confidence!

Be confident and show that you know your self-worth.

8. React Appropriately

Smile and laugh when talking to this person. This shows a side of you that knows how to be positive and how to have fun. However, you want to make sure that your reactions to this person are appropriate. You wouldn't want to laugh after hearing that their pet of eleven years passed away.

9. Make Eye Contact

Look over at the person for 2-3 seconds (so you're not staring) and then look away. Briefly glance back to see if this person has noticed and is now looking at you to gauge interest.

10. Keep The Conversation Going

Don't force it, but if an opportunity comes your way to keep the conversation going, take it.

11. Compliment Their Appearance

Male, female, or however you identify, don't be afraid to give and receive compliments. Be careful not to be inappropriate, though.

12. Comment On Their Interests

tips for flirting with your classmate crushes

For example, if their laptop background is a favorite TV show, you might comment on that show's recognition. You should know about the show before saying anything, first.

13. Drop Something Near Them

Assuming they have manners, they will pick it up for you if they notice or if you ask. This will cause them, at least for a brief moment, to give you their attention.

14. Call Them By Their Name

If you know this person's name and call them by it, it makes a person more inclined to like you for recognizing who they are.

15. Stay Focused During Class

Showing that you respect the teacher and care for your education will only raise their opinion of you if they happen to notice you.

16. Get To Know Their Friends

By interacting with their friends, you can leave a good impression and bring your name into conversations to make you more noticeable.

17. Take It Slowly

tips for flirting with your classmate crushes

Asking someone out from class randomly might come off as rushed or too strong. You have time. Be friends with them first (but don't friend-zone yourself!) and get to know them before making an actual move.

Moving Further

Once you're friends with your crush, your flirting options greatly increase. These next few steps will help you get closer to them and maybe a date!

18. Look Up At Them When Something Funny Happens In Class

This shows that you consider them to have the same sense of humor as you.

19. Text Them About Things Other Than School

Text them, not just about assignments, but about how their other activities are going. If you are a part of this person's friend group, talk to them about friends and inside jokes.

20. Be Their Support System

Once someone is comfortable around you and trusts you, be sure to comfort them and be there for them when they have a problem.

21. Make Them Feel Important in a Group

If you hang out in a group, pay more attention to this person more than anyone else. It'll show them that you really want to get to know them outside of class.

22. Pass Notes During Class

tips for flirting with your classmate crushes

If you have an inside joke about the class or want to ask to meet up later, this is one way to do it.

23. Don't Be Coy, Be Sweet

The classroom is not the place to be coy. Be direct with your answers, but add a touch of sweetness to them.

24. Have Fun!

If you like this person and this person likes you back, there will be chemistry and conversations will flow naturally.

25. Take a Leap of Faith

You don't have to ask them out on a date, but when class ends, you might want to ask if they want to hang out with you after school. Don't label it or set expectations -- that will make it weird. Just make the suggestion and see where it goes.

After going over these tips, you should be well-equipped to test the waters. Good luck, and proceed with caution!