Tips For Finding Subtle Signs He Is Into You

Tips For Finding Subtle Signs He Is Into You

He loves me - he loves me not.

People often claim that women can be hard to read, but guys can also be just as hard to read sometimes. You might suspect that a guy is into you and want to find out if it's true, or maybe you want to know if someone who you're crushing on likes you back.

So how to tell if he's into you when everything seems so less than obvious? Trying to figure out if a guy is attracted to you can be like trying to crack the code on a bank safe, but there are definitely tons of clues you can use.

Something important to remember, though, is that every man is different, and they will not always act in the same way to show they like you. Not every guy is going to be giving off the same signals. For example, some guys believe that they shouldn't come on too strong, so they might purposely play "hard to get."

Some guys might also be shy and not feel comfortable expressing their full emotions for fear of being rejected. However, certain things generally apply to the majority of men that will suggest to you that he's interested.

Subtle Signs That He's Into You

Check out these subtle signs that he is into you, and tips on how to spot them:

1. Eye Contact

If a guy likes you, he will often keep more eye contact with you. You might catch him staring when you look over or looking you right in the eyes when you talk to him, giving you his full attention.

Although, the opposite could be true if he has a shy personality. If he has trouble keeping eye contact with you and seems nervous, that could be a major clue that he wants to be looking at you but is too scared.

2. Body Language

When a guy likes a girl, he will usually find small ways to touch her, even if it's unconscious. If you find that he has his hand on your back or shoulder, even for just a second, or he nudges your arm a lot, he could definitely be into you.

Another tip is to check if he grooms himself when you walk into the room. If he cares about your opinion of his appearance, then he might brush down his hair quickly, straighten his shirt a bit, or even stand up a little straighter.

3. Compliments

Take note of how often he pays you compliments. Sometimes these can just be small, but if he seems to be complimenting you more than the average guy in your life, he might like you.

4. Communication

This is a big one and goes for men pretty much across the board. If he likes you, he will make the extra effort to stay in contact with you.

A guy who's not interested at all won't care about texting you, making plans with you, asking you questions, or finding some way to communicate with you. Even if he's shy, he'll probably try to figure out some way to get closer to you at some point.

Along those same lines, a guy who's into you will make an effort to keep the conversation going. Let's say you're texting or chatting, and the convo comes to a natural lull where neither of you really know what to say next.

If he continually makes an effort to maintain the conversation by bringing up a new topic or asking a question, it shows he wants to keep talking to you as much as possible. Someone who's not attracted won't care about letting the conversation drop right there.

5. Awareness

Does he notice whenever you enter a room? Or does he always seem to know where in the room you are at any given moment? If you can observe him always being hyper-aware of your proximity, you know you're constantly on his mind.

6. Playground Antics

If he teases you often or jokes around with you a lot, he could be into you for sure.

Some men never fully lose their (sometimes annoying) charms of boyhood, so just like a 10-year-old boy might pull on the ponytail of the girl he likes, a man who's crushing on you might find ways to poke you, tease you, or try to make you laugh. It's all to get your attention.

7. He's Jealous

Try to sense how he reacts when you talk to or talk about other guys. If he appears to get a little defensive or jealous, that's a huge sign he really wants you to himself.

8. Trying To Impress You

At first, this one may seem more obvious, but not all guys do it noticeably or overtly. Try to look for little hints that he values your good opinion of him, or looks for your reaction when he does something. Maybe he wears a new shirt when he knows you'll see him.

9. Lingering

Does he try to stick around a little longer than everyone else? Does he find excuses to be around you more, or does he linger by your side, or hug you just a tad bit longer than other people? Take it as a sign.

10. Behavior Changes

A man who is into you will often change his behavior around you compared to how he behaves with others. If he views you as just "one of the guys," then he'll act the same with you as he does with his friends.

But if he changes his mode all of a sudden, it usually means he sees you differently - as romantic material.

Remember, not all guys are the same. While one guy might be overly flirtatious, another might hold back to wait for stronger signals from you. But if you use these tips and signs, you should definitely be able to tell if he's into you.