Tips For Better Vibes In Your Home & Workplace

Tips For Better Vibes In Your Home & Workplace

Good vibes are not just for people. All around us our environments also have distinct vibrational energy. For example, a hospital would have a lower vibration due to all the illness, whereas a preschool full of small children, full of joy and laughter would have a much higher vibration.

While we leave our imprint on our environments, we absorb the energy from our surroundings too. An excellent way to raise your vibrations and to help keep you in a good vibe place is to clear your surroundings and raise the vibrations of your environment.

If you take a small bit of time with your surroundings and try some of the quick and easy tips in the list below, you can heighten the good vibrations in your environment. When your environment has a good vibration, it helps raise the vibrations of those including yourself that use the space.

1. Setting Intention

Setting an intention for anything in your life is a simple process, but powerful. Setting the intention for raised vibrations and good vibes in your home or workplace is something that is so easy to do, also it's fast and effective. Take some time for meditation and when you are relaxed, picture your space all around being filled with love and white light. Imagine your home or workplace filled with this light.

With all the people and energies that pace through your environment, there can be a build-up over time of negative energy, so it's a good idea a few times a year to set your intention for positive vibes and good vibrations.

2. Burning Sage

Although a bit more time-consuming, burning sage in your home or workspace is a fantastic way to get rid of negative energy. There are lots of ways on how to sage, you'll know whatever feels right for you, but here's one example of how to sage your space.

Start by opening all the windows and doors in your space. Take a couple of seconds to set your intention to clear your space of all negative and low energies. Light the sage until it starts to smolder and smoke. It's a good idea to hold a saucer or bowl under the sage to catch the hot ashes as you walk around. Starting at your front door, make your way through your house or workplace in a counterclockwise fashion. While walking around, wave the sage smoke into every corner of each room, let the smoke filter through the entire room.

3. Crystals

Not only are crystals pretty to look at, but they are also fantastic for bringing good vibrations to your home or workplace. Crystals can either radiate or absorb specific energies, some are used to clear negativity, and some promote calmness and clear thinking. For example, citrine can be used to bring wealth and abundance, rose quartz radiates love while amethyst can be used to clear the air bringing calmness, and black tourmaline can be used to keep negative energy away.

4. Colors

Colors play a huge role in setting moods, the colors that surround you daily can affect your mood, which will change the vibe. Saturated colors, like red, add warmth to a home. Deep reds can work great in meeting areas of your home or office.

To bring positive energy into the home/work white is the best color, while its opposite, black, can absorb negative energy. Too much white can be overstimulating, much like too much black would be. Pops of color are childlike and can bring a sense of fun, all helping to keep the vibrations high.

5. Sunlight

If you can open some windows and let the sunshine in, do it! Sunlight provides lots of natural high vibrational energy.

6. Do A Little Bit Of Clutter Clearing

There's nothing more satisfying than having a big clear out. Take a day and be honest with what you need and don't. Donate all that you can and toss what you can't. Clearing out your space helps the energy to flow more freely.

7. Use Pleasing Fragrances

It's important to be aware of the scent of your home or workplace as bad smells can be off-putting. To enhance and heighten the positive feel of your home or workplace burn candles or incense. Let fresh air in whenever possible.

8. Keep Himalayan Salt Lamps

The lamps are more than just something nice to look at, and the salt can be used for more than just cooking. The Himalayan salt lamps give off ion particles that cling to the positive ion particles in our air. These positive ions are something that we don't really need. Thus neutralizing them.

9. Comfortable Bedding, Couches, Chairs, And Blankets

When a space is more comfortable and inviting you get better vibes than in a space that is more sterile. So make sure seating and lounging areas have that relaxed vibe going on. Happy days!