Tinder Was A Total Waste Of Time & I'm Glad That I Deleted It

I enjoy experiencing new things, particularly when they are widely discussed dating apps. Despite its reputation as a platform for casual encounters, which initially made me hesitant, I decided to give it a try and found that...

1. Everyone is scared of making the first move

Crafting that initial message takes careful consideration and planning as no one wants to receive a generic "hey" message, it comes across as lazy. I can attest that it took me around 15 minutes to build up the courage to initiate a conversation and an additional 10 minutes to come up with an engaging conversation starter. It's quite nerve-wracking.

2. It's hard to keep a conversation flowing for longer than 10 minutes

A drawback of online dating is that many individuals struggle to keep a conversation going once it has started. At this point, you have the option to either try to rekindle it or move on to someone else. Many opt for the latter as it tends to be less effort and the process becomes a cycle of swiping, chatting, and swiping again, which can be tiring.

3. Being asked for nudes is almost expected

I had already had doubts about online dating and my skepticism was reinforced when within hours of downloading Tinder, someone asked me if I wanted to exchange explicit photos. It's disheartening that many men use the app for this purpose alone, making it even more challenging for those genuinely seeking a romantic connection.

4. The connection dies before the first date happens

I've had experiences where I connected well with someone over a few hours or days, but then they suddenly stopped communicating and any plans for a first date fell through. It can be disappointing to have my expectations raised and then dashed.

5. Meeting someone from Tinder is scary AF—what if he's a murderer?

Even if I was conversing with someone I thought was great, I would still be hesitant about meeting them in person. I've heard enough negative stories about online dating to make me cautious about meeting someone from a dating app.

6. It's a good way to pass the time when you're bored

When I'm stuck in traffic, I find myself reaching for my phone and mindlessly swiping on dating apps. It can become an addictive habit, not because it's enjoyable, but because it's a distraction. The longer I spend on the app, the more I realize I'm using it as a way to pass the time rather than to actually find a date. With so many options available, it's easy to get caught up in the endless swiping and lose track of time.

7. To some extent, we all judge based on appearances

It's natural to have an initial level of physical attraction when it comes to dating, which is why many of us make quick judgments based on a person's photos. However, using Tinder made me feel shallow for constantly swiping left on potential matches without getting to know them first. It made me question whether I was missing out on someone who could have been a great match, just because of their appearance.

8. A good bio makes all the difference

On Tinder, one has to present oneself in a way that will make people want to swipe right. The limited space for a bio puts a lot of pressure on making a good first impression. I spent a lot of time crafting a bio that would showcase my sense of humor, authenticity, and creativity, but ultimately, I felt like I was overthinking it and trying too hard to impress.

9. It's less about finding love and more about getting an ego boost

It's disheartening that many people have lost sight of the purpose of dating apps, and instead use them to boost their numbers. They are more focused on getting matches than having a meaningful conversation or finding a real connection. This is why many matches never respond to messages, they're not genuinely interested. However, they will continue to swipe right, giving the illusion of interest, as long as their ego is being fed.

10. Social media is a better option

Flirting on social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram can be effortless. A simple like or comment can convey interest and it's not as daunting as initiating a conversation on a dating app. Additionally, it's easier to get a sense of someone's personality by reading their tweets rather than a short dating profile. In my opinion, dating apps like Tinder are not as efficient as using social media for getting to know someone.

11. You either love it or hate it

I understand why many people use dating apps like Tinder, but it just wasn't my preference. Online dating can be successful, but it requires a lot of patience and the ability to handle rejection. For me, using these apps felt like a waste of time. I gave it a try, didn't enjoy it, and if I were single again, I don't think I would use them again.