Tina Turner Celebrates 80th Birthday: Says She Looks And Feels Great

Tina Turner Celebrates 80th Birthday: Says She Looks And Feels Great

We agree with her; she looks great. She has certainly mastered what aging gracefully means. She would put many 50 and 60-year-olds to shame with her timeless stunning looks.

The World Couldn't Be Happier For Tina As She Marks Another Decade Of Life

Just like her music, her beauty has been ageless, and her adoring legions of fans can't help but admire her success, resilience and her ability to defy age and maintain her healthy, vibrant personality and iconic celebrity status.

With her fans always on her mind, the legend recorded a special dedication video message for them as she turned 80, and it's adorable.

But she is not unaware of how good she looks.

"How is this?" she asks jokingly before adding, "I look great!"

There was an outpouring of love from her fans, who wished her all the best.

"You look absolutely fabulous…" one fan commented.

Another joked that his dad who has dementia somehow remembers her and says they are related because they share a last name.

According to another commenter, she has always been a "… powerful inspiration."

But a fan who commented "Happy birthday to such a lovely, kind, beautiful, amazingly talented woman who becomes more beautiful with aging" clearly expressed the thoughts of all devout Tina Turner fans around the world.

Tina Turner Still Performs On Stage

And like always, she electrifies the fans with her performances and leaves them aching for more.

According to a fan who attended a recent performance: "Such an amazing woman and performer… I would love to see her again. My favorite performer. Happy birthday Tina. I love you!"

I could go on and on, but it's pretty clear by now that the world has nothing but good memories of the 80-year-old living musical legend.

The woman understands how far she has come, and she expressed how lucky she felt to have hit 80 years:

"It's Like Having A Second Chance At Life. I'm Happy To Be An 80-Year-Old Woman."

tina turner celebrates 80th birthday: says she looks and feels great

We couldn't agree more. It's certainly special that someone would look this amazing at 80, and I am sure many of us wish we will look as good at her age.

Again, the ensuing comments spoke of how wonderful she has been, and how memorable her performances are.

Her looks, once again, did not go unnoticed. Many claimed to find her life a true inspiration. Her music will forever be in the minds of many, that's for sure.

So, What More Can We Say?

To Tina, keep on rocking on for many, many more years to come.

We wish you all the best as you enter your 80s. We love your beautiful music as much as your age-defying looks.

You are a star. Always have been. Still Are. Forever will be.