Time Traveler Says 'Giant Space Creature' Will Be Found Soon


Supposedly a time traveler hailing from the year 2671 asserts that within the next few months, a colossal space entity will be unveiled.

On October 2, TikTok user @theradianttimetraveler, also known as Eno Alaric, shared a video on the platform, cautioning people about some rather significant forthcoming occurrences.

All these events are, rather alarmingly, predicted to take place before the conclusion of 2023.

The video kicks off with the declaration: "ATTENTION! Yes, I am a real-time traveller, these are the major events to come in the rest of 2023."

The video further states: "2023, 2024 and 2025 are some of the craziest years in history."

Most remarkably, the clip hints that on October 7, the James Webb Telescope will observe a 'giant space creature' absorbing energy from stars.

Alaric then writes: "It is actually 'eating' the stars, and it is shown that it is coming for our solar system next, to eat the sun."

If the British summer of 2023 is any indication, there might not be much sun left to feast upon.

Other events Alaric predicts include: On August 12, a groundbreaking discovery is made by scientists as they find the cure for two different types of cancer.

Got some promising news on the horizon.

Seems like we'll be witnessing a breakthrough in cancer treatment within the next few weeks.

Alaric states: "The cure for these two types of cancer is made using the pituitary gland of a squirrel and a rare exotic leaf."

However, the TikToker doesn't specify which types of cancer will be affected.

September 4: The first ever category 6 hurricane occurs

Unfortunately, the good news is short-lived, as Alaric also predicts a natural disaster on the horizon.

They claim: "It sweeps across the entire East Coast, with Florida and the Carolinas bearing the brunt, resulting in thousands of casualties."

September 23: A Spirit Airlines plane goes through a wormhole, 2 seconds to them, 6 years for us

"It is covered up to be seen as a crash, but this is the first step in discovering how to time travel," reads Alaric prediction.

October 29: A very powerful solar flare hits Earth, causing all power to go out for 2 weeks

The supposed 'time traveler' isn't optimistic about things getting better even if we make it through the earlier events.

"Everything turns to chaos, with the crime rate jumping 12,000%. It is hard to recover after this," he says.

November 22: Genetic engineering is made public, allowing people to customize their children

This scenario seems like a storyline straight out of Hollywood, but it also brings some concerns.

But there's a silver lining amidst it all.

Alaric reveals: "This also cures all brain or birth defects, so no one will have to deal with that struggle again"

Who would have thought there'd be a glimmer of hope amid the doom and gloom!

November 29: The first chimpanzee and human have children together

"The child can speak and do everything a human can do, but it has chimpanzee hair," Alaric states.


December 19: The first-ever electric hailstorm occurs

"It is created when lightning strikes a hailstorm, causing the tail to shock and burn anything it touches."

This one also appears quite grim.

So, that's how it goes. A not-so-happy ending to an otherwise okay year.