'Time Traveler' Predicts May Disaster That Will Claim Thousands Of Lives

A self-proclaimed 'time traveler' has issued a warning of an impending disaster in May that could result in the loss of thousands of loved ones.

This enigmatic figure has made several predictions in the past, claiming to be from the year 2671.

These predictions include a deceased celebrity returning to life after revealing their fake death, as well as individuals acquiring superpowers.

The most recent prediction for this month, however, is quite alarming and has left many people feeling anxious.

Eno Alaric, who goes by the username @radianttimetraveler on TikTok, has gained a following of over 447,000 users on the platform.

In one of his videos, which has been viewed over 791,000 times, he made a chilling prediction about catastrophic events happening this month that will result in the loss of many loved ones.

The video begins with Alaric writing: "ATTENTION! Many of you think I'm a fake time traveler, these are major events to come in each month of 2023."

This video is the first in a series, and it specifically addresses the events of May and June 2023.

"May 15: A 750ft (228m) high tsunami hits the US West Coast, mainly San Francisco."

"It causes hundreds of billions in damages and thousands of families have to say bye to their loved ones."

According to the time traveler's predictions, on May 30, there will be more than 150 UFO sightings, which belong to an alien species called 'The Distants', who are reportedly planning to invade Earth.

Furthermore, the time traveler continues to make predictions for June: "June 12: A magnitude 9.5 earthquake opens a 5-mile deep and 1-mile wide trench in San Andreas, California."

"It releases many kinds of extinct animals, including the Titanoboa, a snake that can grow up to 75 feet long."

"June 14: 12 people receive superpowers from extreme energy of the Sun, including telepathy and teleportation."

The time traveler asserts that on June 18, seven individuals will "fall from the sky" because they accidentally traversed a wormhole.

The response to the video has been varied, with certain individuals refuting the time traveler's allegations.

"Well damn you ain't got it right yet," one person expresses.

"What happened to the February and March predictions?" someone else asks.

A third chimes in: "Superpowers? I'm sorry but I don't believe that."

Another follower speculates: "How come none of these time travelers tell us how to save the planet or provide any actual proof of anything?"

Nevertheless, some individuals have expressed their apprehensions, especially those who may have loved ones residing in San Francisco.

As an example, an individual commented: "My grandma and other family are In San Francisco until May 20th…"

Another commenter adds: "Well he ain't got it right yet but a tsunami may actually hit the west coast, but it's not confirmed when."

"Oh great! I live near San Francisco," a third shares.