"Time Traveler" Predicts Aliens Will Soon Invade Earth

A self-proclaimed 'time traveler' predicts an impending alien invasion on Earth.

The concept of alien life in our universe has always sparked curiosity and wonder. We're intrigued by their potential appearance, sounds, and most crucially, their intentions.

Now, a 'time traveler' on TikTok, Eno Alaric, known as @theradiantimetraveller, suggests that an extraterrestrial visit is imminent – and it might not be friendly.

Claiming to hail from the year 2671, Alaric warns of an anticipated alien visit around 'mid-2024'. In his video, he introduces 'The Champion', his term for the extraterrestrials, who has a mission to transport '8000 people to another planet'.

Interestingly, this Champion, possessing the capability to traverse faster than light, is on a quest to recruit Earth's 'top engineers, scientists, doctors, and leaders'.

The Tiktoker explains: "These 8000 people are what keep the human species alive, from inside and outside threats."

"Mankind is a threat to itself in many ways such as fighting, and causing the first nuclear winter."

The video further suggests that by mid-2024, another alien race, termed as 'The Distants', will make their appearance on Earth.

As per the 'time traveller', this species is believed to have a stake in Earth, using the Pyramids of Giza as a symbol of their dominion - somewhat akin to planting the USA flag on the moon.

While the narrative hints at potential danger, Alaric comforts viewers, assuring safety but emphasizing the need to be alert to future events.

The claims have naturally prompted a flurry of reactions in the comments section.

"So… you staying here in the past editing and posting videos to TikTok?" one commenter asked.

Another viewer chimed in: "Wouldn't 8,000 people that go missing make some type of Newsline?"

"Why not bring everybody to the good future?" a third asked.

Someone else wrote: "In the other video you said the aliens will come in 2023."

"What are tomorrow's lotto numbers?" another commenter wanted to know.

While it's easy to dismiss this TikTok post as mere fantasy, just last month, a UFO panel took place in the House of Representatives.

At this hearing, multiple witnesses discussed their encounters with unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs).

Many expressed apprehensions about UFOs, with some emphasizing their potential as national security risks.

During this session, former Air Force intelligence officer David Charles Grusch made the startling revelation that the US government had retrieved a 'non-human' entity from a crash site.

So, even if we're skeptical about the time-traveler's narrative, the idea of encountering extraterrestrials might not be as distant as we believe.