'Time-Traveler' Alleges 8,000 People Abducted By Aliens; Next Invasion Expected In 2024

A 'time-traveler' who previously mentioned an alien taking 8,000 people on March 23 now asserts that the extraterrestrial visit has occurred.

These taken humans are supposedly our shield against an upcoming alien attack, set for 'mid 2024', as per the enthusiast's statement.

Eno Alaric, a TikToker using the handle @theradiantimetraveller and purporting to be from 2671, emphasized that March 23 would be significant due to 'The Champion' relocating its captives to a livable planet.

In a recent video, the US-based user proclaimed the alien entity arrived precisely at 2pm, searching for top-notch 'engineers, scientists, doctors and leaders'.

Eno mentioned, 'The 8,000 have a long journey ahead of them,' further noting, 'About four years, since The Champion can travel faster than light..'

A prior detailed account suggested the list of abductees would comprise roughly 200 doctors, 1000 farmers, 1000 engineers and mechanics, 'and many more'.

The footage further elaborated that these individuals are the 'what keep the human species alive, from inside and outside threats'.

Yet, it's not entirely a rosy picture.

'Mankind is a threat to itself in many ways,' Eno elaborated. 'Such as fighting, and causing the first nuclear winter.'

Moreover, Eno raised an alarm about another extraterrestrial group - The Distants - set to reach Earth in the upcoming year.

Elaborating on this, the TikToker mentioned they have 'claimed' Earth, and the Pyramid of Giza stands as their 'symbol of dominion and power'.

Earlier content characterized The Distants as being 'extremely aggressive' with an agenda to reclaim their original planet.

Surprisingly, Eno asserted that humans have evolved 'beyond the alien's anticipations', hinting at an impending space confrontation.

'I want you all to know that you are safe,' they reassured. 'I am trying to warn you all of what's to come.'

In a subsequent video, the self-proclaimed 'time-traveler' forecasted that within this month, 'The Lost City of Atlantis' would pose a grave danger, triggering a 'man-made flood, that can cover the entire world'.

Further, Eno revealed that on April 9, a well-known celebrity will shockingly announce they simulated their demise. Furthermore, on June 12, a massive earthquake will reveal a trench that's five miles deep, exposing creatures believed to be long extinct.

With a following of over 397,100 and videos amassing roughly 1.6 million likes, the account is quite popular.

The creator's earlier content touches on topics like Earth's twin planets, gateways to alternate realms, and extraterrestrial encounters.

They also hint at an impending worldwide pandemic coinciding with the melting of polar ice caps due to climate change.

Detailing future events, Eno provides a chronological account.

By 2025, they predict that the inaugural colonies on Mars will uncover human skeletal remains, suggesting our origins trace back to the red planet.

In the following year, 2026, Earth will witness its most significant solar flare ever, leading to a total power outage lasting six weeks.

And by 2027, a wormhole near Mars will emerge.

However, not everyone is convinced. Many viewers have raised doubts, pointing out discrepancies in Eno's earlier 'predictions'.

One commenter wrote: 'What about the 10 people getting superpowers? That did not happen.'

Another asked: 'What about that big meteor that was supposed to hit the Earth this month?'

A third pointed out: 'If it's gonna end soon, then how were you alive in 2671?'