Tilly Ramsay Admits She Prefers Her Mum's Cooking In TikTok Video

tilly ramsay admits she prefers her mum’s cooking in tiktok video

The last thing a world-famous celebrity chef probably wants to hear is that his cooking skills are not the best his daughter knows. Apparently, Tilly Ramsay, chef Gordon Ramsay's daughter, loves her mother's cooking more than her dad's.

Ouch! For a man who has built his life around his cooking wizardly, that probably stings.

She shared these sentiments in a viral lighthearted TikTok video.

The video has a simple theme: to dance as each of them picks one of two options appearing on the screen. Each dancer simply needs to move to the side with the preferred option to show their choice.

So, it's pretty simple: if you prefer the option on the left, you disappear to the left of the screen as you dance. If you prefer the option on the right, you disappear to the left of the screen.

In such a manner, the video reveals a lot of things about the upbeat father-daughter duo. For instance, Gordon Ramsay prefers staying in, while his daughter would rather go out.

Mum's Or Dad's Cooking?

tilly ramsay admits she prefers her mum's cooking in tiktok video

One of the clearest differences between Ramsay and his daughter is that while he prefers his own cooking to his wife's, Tilly clearly prefers her mother's cooking.

Even though her dad is a popular chef with a glowing world-wide reputation, Ramsay's daughter would rather have her mom's meals.

To be completely honest, there is a possibility she was trying to get a reaction off her dad. They seem to have a relationship where such mischief might be part of the deal.

By the way, if you are not a big TikTok fan but want to enjoy more of Ramsay or his family, you can check out their appearance on ITV, where the celebrity chef, Gino, and Fred will be on a road trip called "Desperately Seeking Santa."

In the special feature, the three will be going to Lapland and their mission will be to meet Santa and hand him a letter from Mia, Gino's daughter.

On this adventure, they will pay a visit to the Sami, who are Finnish indigenous people. During this visit, they will enjoy some reindeer meat and a sauna.

Cooking fans should really make a point of watching this episode as it will feature Gino offering some tips on how to make a perfect Christmas turkey.

tilly ramsay admits she prefers her mum's cooking in tiktok video

Clearly, it's quite interesting to learn that although Gordon Ramsay is a top celebrity chef with few equals, at home, his wife is still the better cook as far as his daughter is concerned.