TikTok's Viral Amazon 'Butt-Crack' Leggings Made Me Feel Naked

TikTok's Viral Amazon 'Butt-Crack' Leggings Made Me Feel Naked

Most people would agree that the year 2020 changed everything. As women were forced to stay home for several months, they were freed from the demands of daily beauty routines.

Without the need to put on makeup, ladies could proudly wear sweatpants to the supermarket and walk-in sagging tie-dye outfits.

However, the relaxed fashion trend did not last long. Soon, a new version item made it to the market and turned this cozy, laid-back world upside down.


In 2021, the Amazon legging has become a viral fashion trend, and it makes every kind of sweatpants you have ever worn seem prudish.

What's The Amazon Legging?

The phrase Amazon leggings describe a special kind of workout pants that is being sold by many manufacturers on the popular online retail site.


As a lady, you have no excuse to miss out on this trend since these pants are cheap and colorful, and they cost just $12 to $28 / piece.

These pants are also textured and uniquely designed to show your butt cheeks in all their glory, and that's their main selling point.


Obviously, this has made them very popular on social media, especially TikTok.

The waistband is uniquely designed to enhance the 'butt-crack' feature. The dart-like waistband directly points at the seam that goes through the butt cheeks.

With this new fashion trend, wedgies are now a thing.

Seriously, no other fashion trend has been this revealing, not even skinny jeans or yoga pants.


Already, this fashion trend has found a lot of fans, who describe them as "butt-perfecting."

We even have a self-professed "leggings queen," Devin K. Olson, who enjoys trying the pants on video and showing off the results on camera.

TikTok's Viral Amazon 'Butt-Crack' Leggings Made Me Feel Naked

She often implores people to get them: "Oh my God, please go buy these."

Some people don't find them as appealing, though. For starters, they might remind you of over-the-pants thongs from the 80s.

Also, it will take a lot of boldness to wear these outside the house.

They Are Used To Make Funny TikTok Videos

However, they seem to have found another use: ladies are using them to get funny reactions from their partners.


On TikTok, there are lots of videos of ladies parading in front of their husbands while wearing the leggings. The funny bit is that they seem annoying or hilarious.

Maybe the leggings have a romantic potential. They can help mix things up after all that time being locked up.

However, it's doubtful if putting on cheap, pervy pants are what it will take to look attractive at this time.


The leggings are certainly not built for durability, and there is also the possibility that after a while, they will flood the market, and people will get tired of seeing them.