TikTok's '5-9 Routine' Will Make You Feel So Much More Productive

Most TikTok trends are not worth following or trying out. While there are a few exceptions, such as the '5-9 routine' trend currently sweeping the social media site, which can actually be useful and improve your life. This trend is gaining popularity for a good reason: it has been shown to significantly increase productivity.

1. It's All About What You Do After Work

Typically, individuals work a 9-5 schedule each week and often feel drained when they finish their workday. As a result, they tend to simply collapse on the couch for the rest of the night before falling asleep and repeating the same routine the following day. However, the 5-9 routine takes a different approach by prioritizing activities after clocking out from the day job.

2. Anything That Makes Your Life Better Can Fit Into The 5-9 Routine

Adopting this "trend" often involves activities such as grocery shopping, meal planning, tidying up the living space, reading, taking a bath, and prioritizing skincare. Essentially, it encompasses various aspects of self-care and everything associated with "adulting."

3. People On TikTok Are Loving This Trend

@matthew.campos is at the forefront of the 5-9 routine trend, showcasing his calm and highly productive videos. The trend's popularity can be attributed to the fact that those who have mastered it appear well-organized and put-together. The 5-9 routine offers inspiration for organization, cleaning, skincare, and cooking, making it a source of aspiration for many. Overall, this is a trend that has universal appeal.


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