TikTokers Have The Pettiest Revenge For Their Loud Upstairs Neighbors

Tiktokers Have The Pettiest Revenge For Their Loud Upstairs Neighbors

If you have loud neighbors and are out of ideas about dealing with them, these TikTokers might inspire you to get your revenge and some exercise.

Dealing with upstairs neighbors is annoying, and a TikTok @mav_n_mandii has had it. The two explained that the noise kept them up all night, so they showed how they turned things around.

Their video, which gained over 4,7 million views, inspired others, so people added their adjustments to the duo's foolproof advice.

Do Not Mess With Mav And Mandi

The viral video was posted in August, and it is still being commented on. Clearly, way too many people have issues with loud upstairs neighbors.

In the video, Mav is holding Mandi upside down, with his hand around her waist, as she is taking a stroll on their ceiling. Of course, she is wearing shoes, but someone added she should be in tap shoes for the full effect.

Though short, the video really started conversations about rude, loud neighbors, and eventually, Mav and Mandi had to make adjustments to the video, so the viewers would be able to recreate their movements better.

Now, if you don't have muscles like Mav, this might be difficult at first, but do not give up.

Yes, you will be called petty, and sure, you might as well be petty. But guess what? No one has the right to disturb your good nights' sleep.

Also, this seems like a great way to stay or get in shape, so start plotting the most bizarre yet harmless revenge on the annoying people who live above you.

If you want to truly make them suffer, as you tap around the ceiling, put on some music, and act as if you're dancing. You can even throw a party for your friends and make the night out of the hanging upside down.

Mav and Mandi get points for creativity, and if you have any questions, we are sure they will be more than happy to advise.