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TikToker Picks Up And Licks "Jellyfish", Not Realizing It's A Deadly Portuguese Man O' War

Tiktoker Picks Up And Licks "jellyfish", Not Realizing It's A Deadly Portuguese Man O' War

You have probably seen your fair share of stories about people doing dangerous things for a few minutes of internet fame. In case you missed it, a TikToker went viral after picking up a blue-ringed octopus, which, despite being so cute, has enough venom to kill 26 grownups in a matter of minutes.

This time, a TikToker has put his life on the line to amuse his fans by picking up a Portuguese Man o'War. The man had nearly 1 million followers when he shared the video.

He was seen prodding, picking up, and licking the brightly colored "jellyfish" after he found it lying on the beach.

In the clip, which has since been removed from his account, he says:

"Look, guys, a jellyfish is still here. I'm going to pick it up. This is what it looks like – yes, it is a jellyfish, look how big it is. It's still moving! I'm going to lick it."

Alexa didn't know that he had just picked up a Bluebottle, also known as a Portuguese Man o'War. He is a makeup artist, but he also considers himself the "CEO of eating bugs."

The sea creature he came across is among the most dangerous things in the ocean. It is siphonophores, which means it's not a single animal but a colony of creatures working together.

The Bluebottle has many painful stings that leave people in pain and with welts on their skin. They are also popular as "floating terrors."

In Australian beaches, they are pretty popular, and they deliver up to 10,000 stings to people every year. Some of their stings result in death for certain vulnerable people.

Most swimmers and surfers are well aware of the dangers these creatures pose. However, it seems that many people, including this particular TikToker, can't identify the creature once it washes up on the beach.

A different TikToker did a video explaining why you should avoid the Man o'War if you ever come across it. The video went viral after it was posted.

Fortunately for Alexa, he got away without getting any serious harm. Still, his videos should serve as a warning to others.

For instance, when traveling abroad to enjoy the wildlife, you should update yourself on the dangers the animals might pose. Additionally, you should also avoid picking (and licking) any animals you find.

It is also vital to keep off the animals to make sure you don't put them under the threat of extinction. Staying away from some potentially hazardous creatures can do you a lot of good by saving you from the dangers they pose.