TikToker Gets Absolutely Decked After He Tried To Pull A Prank On A Stranger

Tiktoker Gets Absolutely Decked After He Tried To Pull A Prank On A Stranger

A TikToker ended up in trouble after pranking the wrong victim. He was creating a video to post on his TikTok account.

Fans know him as Jay. The prank took place at a hardware store, and it did not end well for the mischievous prankster.

Typically, the people Jay picks as targets in his pranks just laugh off the jokes and walk away. This time, however, his target decided to fight back, and the TikToker found himself on the floor pleading for mercy.

He started by walking behind the shopper, who was completely unaware of the prankster's presence.

After that, Jay raised an object that seemed like a PVC pipe, intending to use it as a megaphone. Before the prank was over, the heavily-built man noticed Jay's presence, turned around, and quickly put him on the floor.

As the huge man pinned him to the floor, Jay screams, "it's just a joke." It seems the man had flipped the script on him.

The video has already gotten millions of views on various social media platforms. However, opinions are divided on the outcome of the hilarious Home Depot video.

The man reacted violently to the TikToker shouting in his ear, which is probably why many people applauded the burly shopper for tacking the prankster.

A man called Daniel said that they hoped that every person filming prank videos would get a similar experience.

Another quoted Taylor Swift lyrics perfectly suited to the situation: "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."

According to another TikTok user, the prankster deserved it because "touching someone without permission is assault."

Some people, however, were not so sure that the man's reaction was warranted.

One of these people thought it was "Madness" that people thought the man's tackle was an appropriate response to another man making a loud noise.

Another user said that the man's response was a "Massive overreaction."

Luckily, Jay got out of the ordeal alive. He also seems to have taken the man's reaction lightly as he still shared the video with his fans.

Jay is still posting videos on his account, and there are no indications that he will stop any time soon.

Hopefully, Jay learned a lesson about pranking total strangers. For instance, he probably realized that messing around with people who are twice as big as he is isn't the best idea in the world.