TikToker Cut In Line At A Nashville Event Because She Has '70k Followers' - And It Didn't Go Well For Her

At times, the level of online influence and number of followers may not have a corresponding impact in real life.

During the 14th Jack Daniels' New Year's Eve Live: Nashville Big Bash, a self-proclaimed TikTok influencer encountered a situation where she attempted to skip ahead in line at a vendor but was unsuccessful.

After waiting for a considerable amount of time, the woman is recorded by another TikTok user @desi.self, cutting in line at a vendor and subsequently faces repercussions.

In the video, the TikTok influencer who claims to have 70k followers, is seen cutting in line while a woman dressed in black, who had been waiting, attempts to engage in a conversation with her.

After being ignored, the woman in black slaps the influencer's phone, which leads to the situation escalating. The incident is observed by a crowd, while @desi.self, another bystander, and the influencer herself record the entire altercation simultaneously.

As the influencer walks away with the beers she obtained by cutting in line, the woman in black grabs her hair from behind and yanks it hard, causing the influencer to spill beer all over the place. This action angers the influencer, who retaliates by throwing the remainder of her beer at the woman in black.

They both head in the same direction but remain silent and eventually go their separate ways.

Since even the onlookers were highly engaged during the altercation, responses to the incident surfaced promptly on the video.