TikToker Accuses Pop-Punk Singer Of Cheating On His Wife With Her—Viewers Think They've Found Him

tiktoker accuses pop-punk singer of cheating on his wife with her—viewers think they’ve found him

A TikTok user has strongly suggested that a pop-punk frontman is guilty of marital infidelity. Apparently, the star cheated on his wife with the TikToker.

Based on these clues, people believe they can identify the celebrity already.

The TikToker is called Madie O'Neill, and in the caption, she wrote:

"One like and i'll expose the pop punk front man who cheated on their wife with me."

The 24-year-old woman is seen looking at the camera, sipping from a glass, and shaking her head disappointed.

The video has already been watched about 300k times. The background music on the song is a song featuring Quinn, from the band Sleeping with Sirens.

Many have taken the song choice as a clue as to who the cheater is. So, many people think Quinn cheated on his wife Katelynne with O'Neill.

The girl was also careful to mention that she learned about the marriage afterward. She didn't know he had a wife when the sexual encounter happened.

She posted two other videos, and she also shared screenshots of a conversation she had with the cheater. They seem to be having a casual conversation.

The woman says she has to go to bed in preparation for Super Bowl, since she works at Hooters, and she gets the response "sleep well boo."

However, not everyone thought O'Neill's screenshots were legit. A few thought the conversation was a little "dry" and that the shots were not adequate proof that Quinn was being unfaithful if at all they were from him.

Other people believed that posting such allegations on social media was a sign of disrespect to the man's wife. A commenter argued that if she truly never knew about it, then she would not have exposed the affair in that scandalous manner:

"If you 'didn't know' & cared about his wife you would have done this privately. Posting it shows you're just doing it for your 15 min. I'll [sic] intentions."

After the video went viral, Kellin Quinn started trending on Twitter. Many fans claimed to have been shocked and disappointed by the allegations.

A few wondered why he would write "If You Can't Hang" and still cheat on his wife. The lyrics of this popular single have a touching tribute to his wife:

"I met a girl at 23 / Knew she meant the world to me / So I gave her everything / And she did the same for me."

Despite the rumors, Quinn has not yet said anything, and neither has Sleeping with Sirens' publicist. However, Quinn has deleted his Twitter and disabled comments on his Instagram account.

Nobody is sure if he is responsible for these changes to his social media accounts, since a Twitter user has claimed that his Twitter account has been gone for months.

The problem is that a lot of people suspect him of cheating on his wife, while many others believe he actually did it. Luckily, a number of loyal fans think he is getting blamed for something he has not done; and that's also a possibility since no direct allegations were actually made against him by O'Neill.