TikTok Trend Shares Struggle Of Ladies Who Have To Stay At Their Boyfriends' Messy Homes

TikTok Trend Shares Struggle Of Ladies Who Have To Stay At Their Boyfriends’ Messy Homes

Girlfriends share revealing videos on TikTok about how gross their boyfriends' places are and it's freakin' nightmare.

If you're a woman who dates men, chances are you've been with a dude who lives like a 'wild animal.'

I mean garbage and utensils on the floor, filth in the sink, stinking towels and sheets and pillows that haven't 'touched water in decades.'

Many have been there!

And girlfriends of TikTok are exposing their boyfriends for the slobs they are in hilarious, viral videos.

TikToker Madelyn Krueger was the first to share her video.

The clip begins with Madelyn waving goodbye to her elegant, cozy bedroom.

She then heads to her boyfriend's rank living space, and it's truly disgusting from every angle.

Her boyfriend has filled his bathroom with shower grime, and all the body wash you could imagine.

In addition, his bathroom features a stained toilet bowl, overflowing trash and shaved hair all over.

Madelyn's video has received more than three million views, probably because it's intensely relatable to almost every woman who has had a boyfriend.

Why Are Men so Bad at Cleaning? Why Are They Programmed Not to See Mess?!

Madelyn's video soon inspired other women who joined in to share their own experiences. Needless to say, some of the boyfriends are actually grosser than Madelyn's.

Alexa Hendricks' video of her boyfriend's place starts by showing his apartment overflowing with food and clothes. A bunch of food even scattered on the floor.


when it’s you’re turn to spend the night at his place🙃 #fyp

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Tons of random items, including things that should be in the kitchen, also clutter his bathroom.

And his other living spaces are just as messy.

Another woman, Kari, shared a video that shows her boyfriend living a true frat boy life.

Her video starts with a sparkling clean home...

Then, in her boyfriend's living space, there are beer cans everywhere. And I mean everywhere.

And that's not even the kicker. The boyfriend has a keg tank just beside the couch for easy access.

To sum it up, his apartment has trash in every single room. That includes a trash can knocked over on the lawn, spilling garbage everywhere.

What is he, a raccoon?!

Another girlfriend, Natalie, posted her video showing her boyfriend with beer and ranch dressing in his fridge. He also keeps a funky-smelling towel.

And in the bathroom, hair clippings and gross toothpaste tint the sink.

After watching these videos, many people online had a lot of questions. For instance, how is this even possible, and why are these women dating these guys?

Here's How People Reacted to The Videos: