TikTok Star With 70k Followers Jumps Queue At Nashville Event But It Backfires Big Time!

After being called out by another partygoer, TikTok user @desi.self captured the intense confrontation during a New Year's Eve event in Nashville.

After the self-proclaimed social media sensation explained her actions to onlookers by saying she had "70,000 followers" and was "obnoxiously beautiful," a video of a self-described influencer jumping ahead in a queue at an event became really popular on the internet.

During the 14th yearly Jack Daniel's New Year's Eve Live: Nashville's Big Bash celebration on New Year's Eve, which drew around 210,000 people, a TikToker known as @desi.self recorded an unnamed social media star cutting in line to grab some food and drinks.

After some folks had patiently waited for over "40 minutes," three women allegedly decided to sneak their way nearly to the front of the line, as per @desi.self. But, she did manage to capture another woman stepping up to confront these unidentified ladies who believed their looks and follower count could grant them a shortcut to the front.

'[She] went up and said something to them because it was rude and everyone was talking about it.'

'The girl who cut started videoing the lady who said something to them and when [the woman] asked her to stop [filming], she didn't, so [the woman] smacked her phone,' @desi.self said.

When the self-proclaimed influencer's phone got a little "smack," she spun around in surprise, spotting the woman who had stepped in, while @desi.self was still focused on capturing the brewing confrontation.

Folks who had been patiently waiting in line for their grub and drinks could be heard clapping in support of the woman who stood up to the troublemakers.

The influencer turned back to the person who had approached her as she continued to record and remarked, 'I am obnoxiously beautiful, you ugly old b****.'

'I will beat you the f*** up,' she added.

'Bro she has 70,000 followers on TikTok,' someone in the crowd can be heard screaming, however, it's not clear if he was repeating something the woman had said or was joking.

'She said she got 70,000 followers on TikTok,' another said while laughing.

After playfully teasing the other woman with a tongue-in-cheek gesture, the self-proclaimed social media celebrity rounded up her friends and prepared to leave.

The lady who had been standing up to her from the start approached, seized the influencer's hair, and yanked her to the ground before the other two ladies could do much.

Afterward, the influencer got back on her feet and hurled her drink at the woman.

The woman walks away, her face dripping with beer, and the influencer decides to follow her.

'She chases after the lady but does nothing once she gets to her and the lady just walks off,' @desi.self said at the end of her video.

While it's not crystal clear who the influencer is, many folks have guessed it might be Lexi, a social media enthusiast with 17,000 followers. Yet, neither she nor the claims have been officially confirmed or refuted.

Folks on social media just couldn't quit chatting about the video, describing it as one of the funniest and most epic catfights they'd ever witnessed.

One user wrote: 'This was so satisfying. I'm glad she wasted her beer she cut in line for by throwing it.'

Another added: 'This is good content thank you.'

'Hilarious,' commented one user.

'That's awesome,' said another user.

Hey, kids, here's a reminder: Being "famous" doesn't mean you get special treatment in lines or can act like a jerk.