Throw A Halloween Luau With This Creepy Light-Up Pineapple Of Skulls

Throw A Halloween Luau With This Creepy Light-up Pineapple Of Skulls

Don't be sad that summer is over because Halloween is just creeping up. As you plan for your costume, don't forget to give your home a holiday treatment with the coolest and scariest decor to make your guests go boo.

Halloween decorations are hitting the town, and I'm sure you've started noticing retail stores slowly and sneakily being filled with Halloween goods.

I've to admit, most of the decors I have seen this year will bring our homes to the spookiest level, and I'm totally on board.

So, Why Not Throw a Spooky Luau with This Creepy Pineapple Halloween Decor?

When Halloween and the beach come together, you get this Pineapple of Skulls. The festive decoration lights up through the skull's eyes and only needs batteries to work. This creepy piece is definitely a conversation starter!

The Eye Sockets of the Skull in This Decor Will Set the Creepy Mood

You can buy this Halloween decor on Pier1 or Target, and it'll only cost you around $20. But for now, the product seems to have sold out in both retailers. Keep checking the websites as they're planning to restock the product soon.

The product description reads:

"Add a tropical twist to your Halloween decor without sacrificing your macabre style with this Skull Pineapple Halloween Decoration…"

"This decorative pineapple prop features a bottom made out of white embossed skulls, with black leaves on the top completing the creepy vibe."

"Two of the skulls have light-up eyes, adding an attention-grabbing touch, and the simple design is easy to use on a variety of flat surfaces. Place it anywhere from your kitchen table to your dining room for a spooky accent you're sure to love."

But Why a Pineapple-Themed Halloween Light-Up?

When you think about traditional Halloween decorations, tropical fruits perhaps aren't the first thing that springs to your mind.

But as many people have shown, these fruits can work pretty well as alternatives to pumpkins. The reason? Possibly because they look scarier than pumpkins.

Pineapple Also Have Another Meaning

According to Pier1, pineapples are an international symbol of hospitality. Though you might be trying to freak someone out who visits your home on the Halloween holiday, you're also sending a welcoming message.

So, What Are You Waiting for?

I've no doubts whatsoever that this light-up pineapple of skulls is going to sell out well before Halloween comes around. And you might want to grab one of these spooky decorations soon before that happens, or you miss out.