Through The Hard Times, God Is Molding You Into The Woman You Need To Become

Through The Hard Times, God Is Molding You Into The Woman You Need To Become

This has nothing to do with religion. I will not get into a debate about the existence of God either.

I am going to talk about that deep spiritual feeling all of us have, especially when things are not going our way.

The good times make you focus on the surrounding amusements. But the terrible times make you look deep within yourself.

And in this introspection, you realize that there is more to you than you ever thought. Yes, something you can't explain but can truly feel is stirred deep within you.

At these times, even people who have spent their lives mocking the existence of God call upon a higher power.

At The End Of The Day, When All Else Fails, All We Have Is God

through the hard times, god is molding you into the woman you need to become

You pray to him no matter how little your faith is. At one point or another, we all seek his redemption. Some get angry at Him and ask "Why me?"

But in all this, we all hope that his miracles deliver us from our troubles.

But what if that is not His plan? What if God wants you to go through these hardships because it's His way of preparing you for the life that awaits you?

Athletes work hard as hell, punishing themselves to prepare themselves for the challenge ahead of them. They know their efforts will pay off in the end.

Why Can't You Have The Same Faith In God?

Why not trust that what He is putting you through will help you secure a glorious victory later on in your life?

We get it. You are a good person and you don't deserve to be going through everything you are suffering through. Life should be easy.

But do you remember all those times you went through situations you imagined would mess your life for good? Maybe you discovered you had gotten into the wrong relationship. Maybe you lost a job you thought would help you build your financial future.

How did it go?

In most cases, something better came along. And the lessons you learned during the hard times proved vital in helping you maintain and appreciate your new and higher position.

So, whenever you face some hardship, be grateful because that means you have been prepared for a great new reward in life.

The Tears, The Heartbreaks, The Disappointments And The Failures All Had A Purpose

through the hard times, god is molding you into the woman you need to become

And despite everything, God's purpose for you is always good.

God will never put you through more than you can handle. And if He let you go through the toughest challenges, then He knows you are deserving of the greatest victories.

You know deep in your heart you are destined for great things. And God put a great purpose in you which He intends to fulfill.

So, Embrace The Process He Uses To Mold You Into The Woman You Should Be

He uses the rough times to prepare you. As they say, calm seas never make good sailors.

To be good, you have to withstand and overcome the bad. God knows that, and it's time you do.

Before you are suited for your God-given purpose in this life, you have to pass through difficult tests that will shake your faith and test your hope and patience.

All you have to do is persevere and a great reward will be yours.