Three Types Of Friends You Never Knew You Needed

Three Types Of Friends You Never Knew You Needed

It's a common misconception that friendships are random. There's a reason why certain people enter our lives and even greater ones for keeping them close to our hearts.

Just like there are various types of romantic partners, there are some friendships where you need to be the better version of yourself.

Here are three types of friendships you have to experience at least once in a lifetime, and their impacts will change you for good.


A mentor is that one person who inspires you, pushes your limits and gives you meaningful advice.

Mentors are often a bit older; maybe they already part of your family, next-door neighbors, or someone completely random.

The thing about mentors is that they are wise, but they aren't forcing their opinions on you. Cherish these friendships, and you can count on becoming your mentor's friend in need. Eventually, you'll take over the role of someone similar to your younger self.

Your opposite

The opposite is counterbalance: they are the ones who will show strength when you're weak. They'll be outgoing, while you're a bit socially awkward.

Opposites are our reflections, things we could never be, but we wouldn't mind sharing some of their treats.

It's essential to have someone who doesn't think like you, to keep you on your toes and challenge the way you think.


You don't need your partner to be your soulmate. It can be a friend who is the most understanding of your needs.

It's someone you trust fully, but there's something more. Maybe you bonded in the past life since friendship with a soulmate feels so effortless and light.

There's a big chance that your soulmate will be around forever. But even if you lose touch, there will always be a part of you devoted to the friendship you had.

The more diverse your group of friends is, the more likely it is you'll be open-minded and welcoming to life changes.

You won't have the same friends during your whole life. We need different things in various stages of life. But as long as you keep your options open, you'll always have someone to talk to and someone to help you with transitions in life.