Music, the ocean, and stars – these things are powerful. They can in their natural design and beautiful mystery heal sick and broken people. They can, without human intervention, inspire positive feelings. We only need to be still and be ready to accept our vulnerability.

We have to honor the fact that our efforts and understanding are limited at times. It is at these moments that we need to let nature take its course, so we can receive the healing we need from its care and bounty.

The Movement Of Music

Whenever I feel lonely, I yearn for the right music to comfort me. At this time, silence is compelling. It teaches me to wait and tests my patience. We live, after all, in a harried world. It asks me to listen.

Music overcomes the emptiness of that void. We need the balm of silence in a white-static-noise ambiance. But we need some music to rescue us from the emptiness we feel when we have been silent in the face of indifference.

Music is simply silence that has found its voice. Music is the silence that has something important to tell.

The Stillness Of The Ocean

Powerful emotions like love and fear have deep, strong roots. That is why when we love a person, it hurts a lot inside. When we fear something, we try to run from ourselves but we cannot wrestle away the fear. We need to spend some time away to face our real selves when we come back.

Spend some time near a body of water. Breathe in the salty breeze. Feel the sand in your toes, and later when the sunlight has ebbed, try to walk by the shore. You are walking with nature. The sunrise or sunset has been prepared for you to take time in your hands and do with it what you must to heal.

The Constant Presence Of Stars

We take for granted that stars are constantly present in the sky. The sun is just literally stealing their light. There are things, circumstances, and people that we might have taken for granted. The constant and immediate demands the world have imposed on us have robbed us of our peace, of precious time.

One of these nights, get out of the four corners of your place and take a look at the stars. They were not put there for no reason. They do not need your admiration or your sense of wonder. You need to look at your life, its blessings, and the people in it the way you look at the stars. You are being constantly blessed. Nature is at your feet. You only need to stop running to heal and receive.