Are you familiar with the concept of the third eye? That is more than likely. But what is particularly unlikely is that the religious concept can manifest itself physically in nature.

Yes, a three-eyed python was discovered, and as you can imagine, it looked nothing like the rest of the species. This unique and unusual peculiarity is sure to terrify people scared of snakes even more.

While the third eye on this snake might sound a little spiritual to those in touch with ancient religious beliefs, it was actually a deformity.

So, this has nothing to do with an invisible third eye that represents vision beyond the ordinary. It was a disability, even though the eye is fully functional.

Rangers outside the city of Darwin discovered the carpet python. The pictures were posted by the Wildlife Commission and NT Parks on Facebook. In the social media post, they go on to explain that the snake was found on the Arnhem Highway near Humpty Doo just outside Darwin.

The snake was young, and it measured about 40cm long.

Initially, there were suspicions the snake had an extra head, but closer examination revealed that it actually had a third eye and that it was fully functional.

An X-ray helped reveal that the snake did not have two heads merged but had three functioning eyes on a single head.

Many experts seem to agree that the eye likely developed early during the snake’s embryonic stage. They also suggest that it is doubtful that the unusual anatomy of this snake had something to do with the environment. Instead, it is most likely a natural phenomenon since reptiles with such abnormalities are pretty common.

Once the three-eyed reptile photo was on Facebook, people readily shared their opinions on the rare find.

To some users, the snake, with its third eye, was cute.

However, many others disagreed. To them, a three-eyed cold-blooded reptile is even scarier than its two-eyed counterparts.

The snake was only about three months old.

That’s right. The snake is no more. After it was discovered and given a truly memorable name, Monty Python, it soon died.

But a ranger says that this was quite impressive. Apparently, it is not easy surviving in the wild with such a deformity. However, before the snake died, feeding was a struggle for it. This is according to ranger Ray Chatto, who was speaking to the media about the deformed reptile.