Three Curvy Models Steal The Versace Fashion Show

Three Curvy Models Steal The Versace Fashion Show

Change hardly ever takes place in spontaneity. Whether a positive or negative change, it almost always happens because of a conscious decision.

The Summer/Spring 2021 Versace Fashion Show proved to be a prime example of this.

While many industries are changing their focus to inclusivity, the fashion industry is known to trail behind by light-years.

For years, chief fashion designers have shaped an image that convinces people that Haute Couture is only for the slender.


However, this time around, it seems as if Versace is accepting that fashion is meant for all figure types.

When three curvy models took to Versace's catwalk, the brand proved their acceptance of the body-positive change.

Even more, the fashion house may as well have progressed the change in an industry where it is long overdue. The best part of Versace's gamble is that it paid off.


Not only is it good for the body-positive movement, but people loved and embraced the change. These three models were, undoubtedly, the show-stopping feature the people wanted.

Dive In Fashion

three curvy models steal the versace fashion show

At the 2021 Summer/Spring Show, Versace drew inspiration from an 'Under The Sea' theme.

All the pieces' designs possessed a deep-sea color scheme with matching patterns tailored to fit each model.

Even the show's backdrop featured elements of a ruined Atlantis with cascading waterfalls and all the works.

Beyond the standard design, Donatella Versace told Vogue that her inspiration went further than just making fashion statements.


In light of recent global events, Versace realized that the world is changing, and we need to change with it.

For that purpose, the show intended to create an embrace for change.

Versace wanted to set an example of what inclusion meant, with mutual support and acceptance of what is different.

Her designs not only reached out to the more voluptuous but aimed not to be gender-specific.


The show was a massive success, not only for the fashion industry but also for all-inclusive acceptance movements.

The inclusion of curvy models only made it even more of a runaway success.

The Three Showstoppers


The three models, who made history by appearing on Versace's catwalk, are non-other than Alva Claire, Precious Lee, and Jill Kortleve.

Alva walked down the catwalk in a long, bright yellow sundress with a starfish motif, and absolutely rocked the show.

Precious modeled a clear, neon green and blue dress, while Jill sported a long sleeve, crop top, and black skirt.

In a follow-up Instagram post, Alva shared her thoughts about the show. She stated that it was an emotional experience, and she will never forget how it felt to make history.


She added that it was a moment for everybody and not just for herself. Body positivity is on the rise.

Versace certainly pleased the people by making a move into the inevitable change quicker than other designers.

People now are looking forward to seeing what's next.