Thoughts 30-Somethings Have When We Hang Out With 20-Somethings

People in their thirties have come to realize that the decade is not as intimidating as it may seem. Instead, it offers a haven of knowledge and self-contentment, providing a respite from the unpredictability of one's twenties. Once we have fully embraced our thirties and grown to cherish them, we would never trade them for our twenties, even if we were offered a substantial sum of money. This sentiment rings particularly true when we spend time with individuals in their twenties and become aware of how vast the disparities are.

1. That Was Not Funny In The Slightest. Why Are You Laughing?

As we grow older, our sense of humor evolves along with us. While some of us may still possess a penchant for off-color humor, we tend to find well-timed innuendos more amusing than well-timed flatulence jokes.

2. The Problem You Are Complaining About Is Not An Actual Problem, So Get Over It

Did your parents demand that you have dinner with them before borrowing their car, which was fully fueled, to go out with your friends? It appears to us that you were not responsible for paying for the meal, preparing it, or filling up the car with gas. So, what was the issue once more? Furthermore, as we mature, we appreciate our parents' sagacity more often.

3. He Is Not That Into You, So Just Stop Talking To Him

In contrast to our high school or college days, where we would scrutinize every text message, those in their thirties are more likely to move on when a man shows disinterest. We have more pressing concerns than wasting our time on someone who is not invested in us. We recognize that there are plenty of other potential partners out there.

4. Gaining Three Pounds In The Winter Is Not A Big Deal, So Just Chill

Upon reaching our thirties, we come to terms with the fact that our bodies do not always comply with our desires. When we observe a 22-year-old fretting over three pounds on the scale, which could be simply water weight, we chuckle inwardly. Oh dear, we think to ourselves, this is only the beginning.

5. You Think Going To College And Having A Part-Time Job Is Hard? Just Wait

Upon graduation, unless you secure a lucrative job, you may need to hold down multiple positions to sustain yourself financially and repay your student loans. Additionally, household chores will no longer manage themselves. You are about to learn an entirely new interpretation of exhaustion.

6. Stop Obsessing Over Your Flaws. You Are Beautiful

One of the most significant changes that occur as we shift from our twenties to our thirties is our genuine acceptance of ourselves, including our imperfections. After attaining this level of contentment, we yearn to impart it to all the insecure 20-year-olds we encounter, for we are well aware of how challenging insecurity can be.

7. It Is Okay That You Don't Know What You Want To Do With Your Life Yet

We recall feeling like failures because we had not achieved a remarkably successful profession by age 24 or an engagement ring by 25. Through hardship, we discovered that these aspirations are quite impractical, and we eventually discerned what we genuinely desire from life. Do not fret. You are not a failure.

8. You May Think He Is The One Now, But Be Careful

Youthful love can be enchanting, but it can also be damaging. Even if the individual we fall head over heels for during our teenage years or early twenties appears ideal for us at the time, people evolve as they age, and couples frequently grow apart as a result. Be cautious about marrying or starting a family too soon because by the time you reach your mid-thirties and have finished maturing, you may no longer be compatible.