This Woman Wears Her Vaginal Juices As Perfume & Claims Men Love It!

This Woman Wears Her Vaginal Juices As Perfume & Claims Men Love It!

When in search of a partner, I think we can all agree that scent is a pretty big deal. No one is interested in someone who doesn't understand the importance of personal hygiene. Pheromones play a huge role in sexual chemistry between two people, but it's safe to assume that you've never considered using your lady juices as a scent to attract men! Author and sexologist, Shan Boodram, does just that and confidently stands behind its full-proof ability to bring all the boys to her yard!

In her new book, Boodram claims that she has made a habit out of wearing her vaginal juices.

According to Shan, most men can't get enough of it! She no longer relies on outside sources for a lovely smell to attract the opposite sex. For that, she takes a look inside.

Boodram refers to her personal juice mix as, "Love Potion: Number Vagine". It's difficult not to give her props on originality here, in name AND product.

She is quoted saying, "Use your Bartholin's glands to acquire a new sample, This gland may be the size of a pea, but it plays a huge role in the lubrication of the vagina. Once a respectable amount of wetness is achieved, you rub it along the collarbone, neck, and wrists". Is anyone else having second thoughts about their own perfumes right now? Just me? Moving on.

She apparently claims that, so long as you are healthy and clean down there, that using this method as a perfume should not make you "smell bad".

In other words, even if it has no positive effects on your relationships and love life, it definitely won't have any negative effects, so what's the harm in trying. To reiterate, Boodram makes no guarantees that making your own natural love juice will have your desired partner flocking to you, just that it MAY and you really have nothing to lose in trying it out.

Boodram continues by suggesting that this method gives her a sense of empowerment as a woman. She is quoted again saying, "So while I'm not positive on the effectiveness of this experiment, I am sure that any time I use it, I feel like an enchanted goddess with a naughty secret". Wow! Hard to argue with that to be honest. Who doesn't want to feel like a strong Goddess with a (kinky?) secret?

Boodram makes a point to emphasize the "mind over matter" effect of using vaginal lady juices as a perfume.

She insinuates that this method has the power to make you hotter because you believe that it has the power to do so. She writes, "It doesn't matter if your vaginal juices and pheromones really make you irresistible or not, you only have to believe that it does and you will act in a more confident and bolder manner." We don't need to tell you that men find confidence extremely attractive. So who are we to deny this crazy and unconventional method? If trying it out for yourself is the only way to really know, would you?