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This Woman Is A Vaginal Weightlifting Expert [Video]

this woman is a vaginal weightlifting expert [video]

Forget bicep curls and squats, this women can lift coconuts, household objects, and even surfboards with her vagina.

Sex and intimacy coach Kim Anami believes that the power every woman holds is in between her legs.

Kim teaches the art of vaginal weightlifting, and she certainly knows how to practice what she preaches. She has even shared videos of herself practicing vaginal weightlifting online.

In the videos, Kim ties a thin piece of string to a jade egg, which she then inserts into her vagina.

On the other end of the string, she attaches objects she intends to lift—using nothing more than her super-strong vaginal muscles.


Need to see it before you can believe it? Not a problem, here's one of her videos demonstrating her vaginal strength.

Kim has more than 133,000 followers on Instagram, where she shares snaps of herself weightlifting a multitude of objects.

And thousands of women have also signed up for her online courses, where she coaches Vaginal Kung Fu and vaginal weightlifting.

this woman is a vaginal weightlifting expert

There are multiple health and emotional benefits of these unconventional practices.

According to Kim, having a 'strong pelvic floor and vaginal muscles helps increase libido, orgasmic potential, and lubrication. And vaginal weightlifting can help you achieve that.

It can also prevent pelvic organ prolapse, especially after childbirth, as well as improve skin lift.

Additionally, it can eradicate depression in women by helping them become more connected with their sexuality.

this woman is a vaginal weightlifting expert

Many Experts Agree with Kim that Vaginal Weightlifting Has Many Health Benefits

Other benefits include gaining a stronger grip during sex—which could boost their partner's orgasm—and intense contractions during penetration.

Kim insists that there are no dangers associated with vaginal weightlifting as long as 'you're sensible and build up slowly.'

this woman is a vaginal weightlifting expert

As tempting as it may be to tie an object to your vagina and lift, it's also important to work your way up to heavier items.

Just as you would train other muscles in your body, your vagina is no different.

Additionally, consult with your doctor or instructor before doing vaginal weightlifting.

Don't use vaginal weights if you're recovering from pregnancy, gynecological surgery, or pelvic infection. If you do it wrong, it can lead to tearing, overexertion, pain, and discomfort.

this woman is a vaginal weightlifting expert

While vaginal weightlifting sounds odd, it's a real thing, and it's turning into a trend worldwide.