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This Watermelon, Vodka, And Prosecco Slushie Is So Fruity And Refreshing You Could Drink Them All Day

When the weather is so warm and the humidity high, nothing is refreshing other than an ice-cold slushie. And when you take a sip of this tasty and healthy watermelon slushie, it'll definitely become your new favorite summer drink.

The recipe for preparing a watermelon slushie is super easy. You need real watermelons, then blend them together with vodka and prosecco.

This sounds like an easy and exciting way to make a homemade, perfectly refreshing drink on a hot summer day. You can enjoy this treat anywhere, in your pool or on the beach with your BFFs.


Here's the recipe!

Watermelon Slushie

Blend watermelon, vodka, and prosecco to form a smooth, tasty summer slushy.


You need the following ingredients:

1 small watermelon

2 ounces prosecco

1-ounce vodka

Instructions For A Perfect Slushie

1. Dice watermelon into cubes and then blend them to yield about 8 ounces of watermelon purée.


2. Combine watermelon purée with vodka and prosecco.

3. Serve in a glass of your choice and garnish with lime.

That's so easy.

For rosé fans, I also have a recipe you can try out. I found it on a subscription-based food website, Daily Harvest.

In Daily Harvest, they call it a strawberry peach smoothie blend. You can also get similar results if you blend peaches and frozen strawberries with rosé.


A homemade rosé won't taste exactly like the purchased one because, at the retailers, they add other ingredients such as oats, goji berries, and bananas.

But I don't think there's anything wrong if you blend frozen fruits and rosé.

Frozen fruits are also perfect ingredients because they have high water content, so you'll not need to add extra ice. They're also naturally sweet.

Instructions To Prepare Strawberry Peach Frozé

The procedure is similar to that of Slushie.


Just take a handful of frozen strawberries and peach and add them in a blender. Then add 7 ounces of rosé wine.

Blend the ingredients until smooth. Then serve.

But if making homemade slushies sounds like much work to you, you can buy a slushie machine, called Slush Puppie Machine.

To make slushies using this machine, you only need ice, liquid, preferably vodka, and table salt.


The machine costs $44.99 on Firebox, and its product description states:

"New and improved but still replete with all the authentic retro finishings of the original; this legendary countertop machine will let you churn out fruit Slush Puppies, iced coffees, or frozen cocktails to your heart's content. "

"Simply load up the drum with ice, table salt (don't worry, you can't taste it), and your juice or syrup of choice – then watch in wonder as it pumps out cool slushie delights."


According to its customer reviews, it's an excellent option for many.

One reviewer wrote:

"Fantastic machine. Very easy to use and it makes great-tasting slushes very quickly."