This Off-Grid Home Costs Less Than $40,000 And Can Be Built In A Mere 6 Hours!


With the average cost of building a family home starting at $309,000, owning a new home in the United States is becoming no easy venture. What if you can get a modern, well-built home for just $40,000?

Everyone understands the real estate sector is in pure chaos. The cost of construction heightens every day and owning a place you can call home has become a difficult goal to achieve.

But a brilliant company has come up with a prudent solution for property owners. The company is building affordable houses in a matter of hours.

What the company is doing is that it's offering an easy and cost-effective solution to those looking for practicality and usability in their homes.


This modern design of home construction has been introduced by an Italian architect, Renato Vidal. His latest model, the MADi home, has changed the face of the house construction sector.

Vidal was shaken by the high number of people who can't afford a home. Using his architect and financial expertise, he decided to build a house, a "tiny home," affordable for anyone to buy.

In the US, there's a growing trend in people's interests in minimalist living and the "tiny home" community.

People are leaning on removing clutter from their lives, downsizing, and living a better and financially responsible lifestyle.

And the concept of "tiny houses" is a modern evolution that'll help you achieve such a responsible living. The house sizes range from 100 to 400 sq. ft.


You may start thinking that this is a small house and might not fit your household, but most homeowners are learning to maximize storage on these "tiny homes."

Many property owners are even saying these houses have more space than they ever imagined.

According to experts, "tiny houses" is a smart investment, and it'll save much of your building expenses. That'll be helpful to those looking to improve their financial standing.

MADi homes' designs come in various sizes, allowing you to choose a home that suits you.


The homes' price ranges from $18,000 to $25,000 for a 150 square ft. house.

A 300-squire ft. home can cost you up to $40,000.

Since the homes are tight on space, many are finding them unsuitable for those with large families. But MADi is offering custom-built homes, such as a 3-bedroom house, costing $100,000 for a 900 square ft house.

Each of the models includes a bathroom, all kitchen connections, and a staircase if your house is big. You can even move in a few hours after the assembly.

The homes have an addition of LED lighting, solar panels, and greywater systems. So, you'll be living in a fully functional off-grid house.


The MADi company website states:

"MADi provides you with the opportunity to own an affordable house or building wherever you choose – in a residential area or a less urban location. You can add your personal touches by choosing your preferred dimensions and materials based on your unique needs and financial circumstances. What's more, as a MADi building can be habitable in two days, you'll enjoy all this freedom while also reducing the running costs of construction."

Apart from designing your perfect home, the company also assembles some of the pieces beforehand.

The houses are foldable into walls, making them easy to carry and set up whenever needed.

In terms of affordable and excellent home solutions, the MADi company lives in the XXII century.