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This Noise-Canceling Kennel Protects Your Dog From Thunderstorms And Fireworks

This Noise-canceling Kennel Protects Your Dog From Thunderstorms And Fireworks

Nothing is worse than your poor pup whimpering in fear because of scary noises.

But don't worry – this noise-canceling kennel will protect your doggy from thunderstorms, fireworks, and whatever else makes their little paws shake.

Compared to humans, our beloved furry best friends can hear things that are four times further away. We should do everything we can to protect their sensitive little ears from loud booms and piercing shrieks.

Who wants to see their fur-ball tremble with fear or run for cover? Not me!

Safe and Happy

Thankfully, Ford Europe has made a noise-canceling kennel, so pups across the land can be safe and happy on firework nights.

Our doggies are part of the family, and this noise-canceling kennel keeps them tucked up and safe from scary sounds.

Ford worked with top dog trainer The Dogfather Graeme Hall to create the noise-canceling kennel.

The Dogfather recommends preparing in advance of fireworks displays, so no-one is taken off guard and no pups are stressed. The legendary trainer suggests finding somewhere safe and happy.

The noise-canceling kennel is a perfect place to keep your little angel calm.

this noise-canceling kennel protects your dog from thunderstorms and fireworks

Noise Canceling Technology

Ford came up with the prototype for its noise-canceling kennel in 2018. The kennel is triangular and uses the same technology as your favorite noise-canceling headphones.

So when your pup is all tucked up in his kennel, in-built microphones detect sound. As soon as the kennel has detected fireworks, thunder, or other scary noises for pups, a built-in audio system emits opposing frequencies.

Put more simply, the kennel makes noises to cancel or reduce the external noise – just like your noise-canceling headphones!

The noise-canceling kennel is made from high-density cork which helps with soundproofing. Your furry friend will be cozy and calm inside.


The noise-canceling kennel is the first in Ford's line of 'Interventions'. These Interventions take the technology used in cars and apply it to other areas of life.

Ford wanted to help people, and the kennel uses their Active Noise Control system to help dogs be around loud noises stress-free. For their humans, the noise-canceling kennel takes care of their pupper.

Ford says they have a few more ideas in progress, so soon we'll be seeing how else we can 'benefit from a little Ford know-how'.

Unfortunately, the noise-canceling kennel is just a prototype for now, and not available to customers yet. Keep an eye out, so your pup can stay safe and snuggly next time there's a thunderstorm.