This Motorized Pool Float Lets You Play Bumper Cars Anywhere, Anytime

We may be already midway through summer 2019, but the fun is far from over. Your summer isn't complete without this motorized pool float. The GoBoat lets you float and play bumper cars all through your summer day.

Who knows, maybe by next year, if we don't spin on this motorized pool float in a full 360 degrees from a control pad, we won't have any interest in it at all.

Summertime is all about having fun with your inseparable friends. What better way to enjoy your time together than to absolutely demolish them with bumper cars pool floats until they get terrified?

this motorized pool float lets you play bumper cars anywhere, anytime

The GoBoat Is Essentially A Mini Hovercraft

The GoBoat is simple to install and assemble, it's light-weighted and effortless to carry to your pool

And they come in a bunch of colors!

What's more, the motorized float will allow you to trump as the real and most feared monarch among your besties.

Though Motorized Floats Can Be Used In Pools, The Website Emphasizes The Possibilities Are Endless

While this float may be a bit big to drive around in the backyard pool, they only weigh 47 pounds. So, it's excellent to bring it on a casual family tour to the lake or for initiating friendly family fun.


Developed as a bumper boat back in 2008 by a father and his two sons, it took them a full summer of testing out designs and different ideas before finally creating functioning bumper boats.

Dave, the creator of The GoBoat, got inspired to create a motorized float to use in large water bodies.

this motorized pool float lets you play bumper cars anywhere, anytime

The GoBoat website reads:

"Dave, a pilot, was on his way back to Tulsa when he looked out the west window and saw the sun gleaming from hundreds of ponds, streams, and lakes."

"He was taken aback by just how many bodies of water he saw… especially since he was flying above Oklahoma."

"That night, inspired, he sat down with his two boys and brainstormed about a summer project they could build together to get out and enjoy the water."


It took them several years to come up with the perfect design, The GoBoat.

The GoBoat Makes The Perfect Water Bumper Car

Forget about the restrictive nature of the fairground bumper car. With The GoBoat, the entire ocean can be your stadium!

Depending on which color you prefer, the price of The GoBoat ranges from $299.00 – $314.00.

this motorized pool float lets you play bumper cars anywhere, anytime

The Motorized Float Isn't Just For Bumping Into Each Other

The GoBoat is essentially a mini-boat and is ideal for fishing if you're into that kind of thing.

Its edge also has on an actual motorboat. So, with these nifty features, you don't have to worry about the hassle of boat landings.

If you're looking for a unique activity to do with your friends before the summer ends, The GoBoat is the most exciting pool float you need.


One shopper reviewed the product:

"Absolutely love it! The GoBoat has been a lifesaver for me. I normally use a small kayak for my fishing, but I can't do that anymore considering I no longer have a truck to put it in."

"But now, I just disassemble The GoBoat and put it in the trunk of my car! You guys have an awesome product, keep it up!"