Weird Story

This Morning Viewers 'Disgusted' By Model Who Had Six Ribs Removed To Look Like Cartoon

this morning viewers ‘disgusted’ by model who had six ribs removed to look like cartoon

This Morning is a popular British show that airs live and covers news, showbiz, celebrity, style, and many more sections.

Recently, a model who has spent over £500,000 on 200 cosmetic procedures to look like a cartoon character appeared in the show.

Reactions were critical, even harsh.

Could there be a limit with aesthetic surgeries? How many could be enough?

Dream A Little Dream

27-year-old Pixee Fox has spent near to half-a-million pounds to get the cartoon body she's always dreamt of.

Believe it or not, this girl had six of her ribs removed so that she could look like a cartoon character.

The Way It Were

Can you believe that before she had her first surgery, she was against plastic surgery?

During the show, she claimed:

"I used to be an electrician, so I didn't, you know, just start with this randomly."

She can't remember how this all started.

"I don't know why. Does it come from always being very artistic? As A child, I always used to draw and paint and I was kind of living in my own little fantasy world but created in my head."

But the visions of herself did the thing.

Visualizing Yourself

Miss Fox said:

"For me, it was never about how I looked."

And it wasn't indeed. She said that she always had some visions about herself and the way she looked.

Being artistic and talented in drawing, she tended to make as many drawings as she could. And before she knew it - she was a whole new person from the outside.

First Things First

The first thing that she had done was her nose, breasts, and eyelids.

She knew that her transformation would require a lot of work, but it was a process for her to dare herself to go to that extreme.

Someone Had To Do It First

Pixee sees herself as a pioneer in the beauty industry. Her extreme makeovers are pushing the beauty industry forward, to reach above and beyond the limits.

This girl is the first woman in the world that removed six of her ribs only for beauty purposes.

But the surgery cost her a lot. Although she claims that her health is not an issue and her organs are just fine in there, she has to wear a 16-inch corset that acts as an external rib cage.

Is It Worth The Try?

Are these massive procedures as harmless as people claim?

And most important - what do you get from them as a result? Are surgeries worth the try when such extreme makeovers happen?

Of course, beauty and looks standards are to each their own. We all have different definitions and criteria. And this is just fine - life is too short to live it full of insecurities over our thin lips or small breasts.

But is there a red line? When enough would be enough?

Addiction to plastic surgery is a real thing.