This Mom Buys Her Kids Cheap Clothes And Expensive Outfits For Herself, Explains It On Instagram

this mom buys her kids cheap clothes and expensive outfits for herself, explains it on instagram

Being a parent is one of the most difficult and important jobs that a person can take on. Your decisions will affect a human being and there is no manual to guide you in the right direction.

As if that's not enough pressure to make even confident people question what they do, parents are frequently judged and criticized.

One mother used her social media account to share with the world why she does the things she does.


This came after she was confronted about the 'cheap' clothes she buys for her kids while she wears expensive outfits.


Mommy blogger and mental health advocate Caitlin Fladager is quite popular on Instagram. She's got more than 330 000 followers who appreciate her advice and posts.

The 26-year-old from Vancouver, Canada has two lovely kids that she raises as best she can.

She is no stranger to snide comments and snarky remarks and decided that she would respond to a question she gets asked regularly.


Caitlin has often been criticized for dressing up in expensive clothes while she buys her children's outfits from supermarkets such as Wal-Mart.

Caitlin Opens Up


On Instagram, Caitlin shared a lengthy post to clear the air.

"'Your kids only wear clothes from Walmart, while you get dressed up a lot. Not a good look for you as a mom...' ⁣That statement is something I get a lot."

"Yes, my kids' clothes mostly come from Walmart, while I buy myself clothes from other stores. You know why? ⁣Because I am not constantly outgrowing them like my kids are."


"I am not constantly spilling food and dirt all over my brand new clothes. ⁣I am not outside running around in the dirt for hours on end. ⁣I am not tripping and ripping holes in brand new clothes."

"I am not changing my mind daily about what color I have randomly decided I don't want to wear ever again. ⁣I am not a kid."


She continued her explanation, making it clear that she's not a bad mother, just a wise person saving money:

"My children are messy, they love to play in the dirt, and they love to spill their food."

"I buy them cheaper clothes because I refuse to be the mom who yells at them for spilling a drop of ice cream on a brand new shirt."

"I strive to be the mom who sees them spill, and says 'oh no big deal!'"


Caitlin Is More Concerned With Keeping Her Kids Happy


The proud mother is not about to throw tantrums because her children were being kids and making a mess.

"I strive to be the mom who sees them playing in the dirt, not caring that they are ruining a brand new outfit."

"I strive to be the mom who teaches them there is more to life than having nice, expensive clothes.⁣"

"So yes, my kids mainly live in Walmart clothes. ⁣And they love it. ⁣They love being able to spill, get dirty, and outgrow clothes in a day with me not caring."


"Caitlin's final words made it clear that she's a great mom who wants her children to be happy."

"So here's my kids, in an outfit I bought not long before this day. ⁣Here's them covered in dirt, spilling ice cream, and living their best life. ⁣That's all I could ever want."

"I will not feel bad for buying my clothes for them from Walmart.⁣ Because when I look at this picture, it reminds me why I do that."


"The dirt, the smiles, and the ice cream makes me way more happier than a photo of them dressed in clothes they hate, that they will outgrow in a week. ⁣This right here makes me so much happier."


The smiles on her children's faces reveal much about their upbringing - they're not unhappy or frustrated at all!