This Man Wore 'F**k The Police' T-Shirt To Court And Still Won His Case

A Florida man wore a t-shirt that reads "f**k the police" to a court hearing against state troopers. Somehow, he managed to walk out the winner.

Michael Burns of Broward County complained to the judge that he was unfairly targeted and harassed by cops after filming officers trying to break up a roadside gathering.

Despite making no attempts to get in the judge's good graces, and even with audacious t-shirt display, a video filmed in the courtroom clearly shows Burns getting out of a ticket.

Burns wrote on LiveLeak that he regularly records police, but in this instance, the cops took exception to his filming: he filmed officers kicking some citizens off a Florida roadside.

After filming, Burns drove off.

He explained on CopBlock:

"The actual reason for being pulled over was because I was attempting to record what the Broward County Sheriff was doing on the size of a highway breaking up a get-together at a public boat ramp."

"One officer told me they were just 'ruining peoples fun'… then said they don't know what they were doing but 'they could be doing all sorts of illegal activities.'"

"As I made my way up the boat ramp/levee Deputy Paul Sada of the Broward County Sheriff's Office told me I could not be there to film… even though it was public property. After getting his name, I left without an argument."

However, the police followed him and pulled him over.

Burns added:

"I was pulled over by the same officer that had kicked me off public property filming. 6 other cars pulled up surrounding my car during the stop."

He also explained that one of the officers forced him to remove a Fraternal Order of Police sticker, claiming it was obstructing the numbers of his license plate.

He wrote:

"I refused to answer any of his questioned [sic] and advised him I would see him in court to fight it when he told me I had to take it off."

Though it's not clear what the judge ruled, Burns said that he won the case.

Burns said:

"I went to court wearing a shirt that said, "F*** the police' and while I was told I had no 5th amendment right and I was not actually allowed to ask any questions during my trial, I somehow still manage to win."

Speaking about the inflammatory comment on the back of his t-shirt, Burns said:

"I got a little tired of going to court in a suit and tie to fight against lying officers with judges that did not care about the lie even when it was proven with a video."

"I was happy this time going to court in my F**K THE POLICE t-shirt, fully expecting to lose either way."