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This Light-Up Pineapple Of Skulls Is The Bizarre Halloween Decoration You Never Knew You Needed

With Halloween fast approaching, it's a good idea to start preparing if you plan to throw a party or expect trick-or-treaters. While traditional decorations like black cats and jack o'lanterns are always a hit, why not add some variety this year with a unique decoration: a light-up pineapple made of skulls?

1. Why a pineapple?

I'm not sure, and part of me isn't curious to find out. Typically, when you think of Halloween, pineapples aren't the first thing that comes to mind. However, when adorned with a multitude of skulls, they become surprisingly fitting decorations.

2. Pineapples do have another meaning…

As stated on the Pier1 website, pineapples are a well-known symbol of hospitality worldwide. So, while you may intend to spook your visitors on October 31st, you're also conveying a message that they're warmly welcomed. Personally, I find this concept intriguing.

3. It contains 16 LED lights

The pineapple made of skulls comes equipped with the necessary AAA batteries to power its 16 LED lights, which emit a consistent, steady glow. While it would be neat if it had a strobe light effect, perhaps that's excessive for a decoration that's already a PINEAPPLE OF SKULLS.

4. It's hand-crafted and hand-painted

I have a great appreciation for Pier 1 due to the unique and peculiar items they offer for every holiday, and the pineapple of skulls is no exception. Furthermore, their products are exceptionally well-made, including the pineapple of skulls, which has a premium feel and appearance. This could be due to the fact that it is hand-painted and hand-crafted, and the intricate details of the skulls are particularly impressive.

5. What are you waiting for?

I am completely confident that the pineapple of skulls will sell out long before Halloween arrives. Therefore, if you want to get your hands on one, you should act promptly before they're gone. You can purchase your very own LED pineapple of skulls directly from the Pier 1 website by clicking HERE.